Photo-A-Day-Challenge: Week 31

These are the images I posted for Week 31 of the Photo A Day Challenge at Fat Mum Slim.

July 31--My workspace [rolling out a pie crust]

August 1--Something beginning with "N" [needle]

August 2--Incomplete [needs postage] 

August 3--Skyline [at sunrise]

August 4--Fresh [flowers]

August 5--Early

August 6--This means a lot to me [my Amish heritage]

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Junebug613 said...

Great shots, as always! Well that explains why you are such a fantastic quilter! It's in you genes!

quiltzyx said...

Oh my, this was a spectacular week!! And you had 2 "fresh" photo prompts in one week! Good job Barbara. :D

SoozeM said...

Mmm yum - pie!!

I found this cat quilt tutorial today and thought of you!


Would be gorgeous done in Smitty and Gracie colors!

Lyndsey said...

Great photos. I love the skyline and that is a glorious sunrise.

Kate said...

Great photos. I really like the one of your sewing machine needle. Unlike my machine yours is all shiny. No matter how much I work to keep mine clean, it seems to always have lint on it.