Update and a Short Post

Before I head off into my usual brain fart, I wanted to update you on the fire in Southern California.  I have appreciated your concern for my friend Lisa, and I know she appreciates your thoughts and prayers.  This is what she wrote to me this morning in reference to the following map.

The biggest news is 25% containment, and there are reports of rain here and there. We pray that continues, but no lightning. The map today really emphasizes how the fire crews have been able to skirt the fire around our communities - those guys are incredible! Not only that, some have been helping in town with taking in, feeding strays, watching homes for security, etc. So awesome! 
It's a little hard to read the map, but her little town of Idyllwild/PineCove is almost dead center on the map. The red areas indicate areas still burning, while the other areas are already burned.  It's a wide swath of land, for sure.

No sewing for me yesterday.  I spent the morning doing housework (making up for the time I took going to the dentist, you know).  Then we spent the afternoon out on our boat on the Willamette River.  It was a perfect afternoon to be on the river.  I was wishing I'd taken my DSLR camera with the long lens because a Great Blue Heron hung around where we were for a good portion of the day.  This was the best picture I could get of him with my point and shoot.

There are always lots of ospreys cruising high above us when we are on the river, and yesterday was no different.  We seemed to be near a nest because we saw several ospreys and they too were around most of the day. 

A few summers ago, Mike and his buddies saw an osprey lift a fish from the river a little too heavy for him to get much lift.  He managed to fly/drag it to the river bank where he set it down while he set his table with a white linen tablecloth and his sterling silver flatware.  (I'll bet you didn't know birds did that.) While he was doing that, huffing and puffing after his hunting expedition, a great blue heron sidled up and stole his fish.  A fight ensued, which gave the fish just enough time to flop back into the river and swim away. Neither bird got the fish, but the fish had a good laugh out of the whole affair.  It made me wonder if the herons hang out where the ospreys do, and whether that sort of thing is a regular occurrence.

When we were completely sun-soaked, we headed back in.  Mike and I usually pick up something to eat on the way home because it's generally well past dinner time when we take the boat out of the water. Yesterday it was Chinese food.  They always give us four fortune cookies (I suppose because we order enough food to feed four people).  Since there are only two of us, we each get two cookies and two fortunes.  As everyone knows, fortune cookies really can foretell the future, and so I was quite pleased when I read this one :

Well that was good enough, but then my second one said this:

I wonder if that means, like, three calendar months or 90 days.  In either case, I'm thinking things could get interesting sometime soon.  What do you think?  Perhaps a trip to one of the local casinos is in order. Except, I rarely gamble, and when I do, I set a limit for myself of one nickel.  When that's gone, I'm done. As you might guess, my gambling expeditions are very short.

We have a dinner guest coming tonight.  I'm keeping it simple, but I still need to get to it.  Hopefully, I'll have some time to sew this afternoon.  I hope your weekend is getting off to a good start.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Beth said...

Hey, Barbara, as a former Southern Californian, wildfires consume a lot of my attention. I thought you might be interested in this tool for live updates about SoCal wild fires, courtesy of one of my favorite public radio stations, KPCC 89.3: http://projects.scpr.org/firetracker

There's a lot of helpful information there. Sending good thoughts to your friend Lisa and her family. I know how frightening it is to watch and wait.

Teresa in Music City said...

Whew - it looks like it might just miss Lisa's home! I can't imagine what these firefighters go through to keep us safe. So glad to know that you are safely settled with a good future according to those marvelous cookies!!! Maybe a grandchild is finally on the way? You know, you really could use a grandchild.....

quiltzyx said...

Just checked, and the Mountain fire is now at 49% contained, but Pine Cove is still under evac order. I know it did rain here in Walnut today & also in Corona, so they might have gotten some up there too.

That Blue Heron is a beauty! It would be interesting to know if they are fish thieves all the time.

Nice fortunes too, after a lovely day on the water.

Dana Gaffney said...

I checked out the fire post you put on FB and saw a bunch of flash flood warnings now, I hope they aren't near Lisa, what a mess.
That's three Chinese months, different calendar, you'll need to do some research or just let the wonderful thing surprise you.

Judy1522 said...

Hope your friend is still safe, that is so scary. I have a cousin that lives in Topanga and they are always worried about fires there.

Brown Family said...

I know Lisa is not out of the woods, you, because the wind could shift. I hope it is contained, soon!