Last Gasp

It's my last gasp of the day, and I'm spending it with you.  Don't you feel special now?  I'm all ready for my friend Lisa who arrives tomorrow, and so it was worth the long day of to-do's.  Of course, I did a few fun things.  A day without fun is no fun at all.  (Deep, huh?  I just now made that up.  You can quote me if you like.)

This morning I planted a new round of red leaf lettuce and new rounds of dill and basil.  While I was at it, I harvested nearly all of one of my two basil plants and made some pesto.  The other plant is starting to flower profusely, and so I tried cutting the flowers off of it.  In my experience, once they start to flower, it's hard to hold them back.  Also, I discovered to my dismay that someone, I think someone with spots, discovered the bin of potting soil in the greenhouse.

"Who?  Me?"

It makes a lovely, soft and easy-to-dig potty box.  Oy.  Fortunately, my gloved hands took care of the damage, and now it is covered with slats to prevent further incursions.

Also, I made a sandwich spread for dinner.  The leftovers will make a good lunch while Lisa is here.  I have one night's dinner in the freezer, and I'll make tomorrow's dinner tomorrow morning.  I'm feeling pretty darned organized, I'll tell you.  Mike is going to grill some chicken on Saturday, and so things are looking good for an easy couple of days so that Lisa and I can just have fun.  We might even do some sewing together.

So I'm here to tell you that the blogging might be scant for the next few days.  Watch for a giveaway posting on Saturday to celebrate my 3rd year Blogoversary.  I'll try to fit in some pictures here and there, but if you don't hear from me, you'll know why.


  1. Enjoy your friends visit and leave the blogging to another day!


  2. Enjoy your visit from Lisa! Poor Smitty looks a bit put out that you have covered up his newly discovered digs! :)

  3. Have lots of fun with Lisa. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week.

  4. Totally understand!! Enjoy and relax! Sounds like a really fun time....hugs....

  5. Have a great time with your buddy! We'll be here when you return!

  6. Hope you and Lisa have the best time together.

  7. Oh, I remember when zzyzx discovered the ashes in the fireplace....glad you had gloves on.

    You DO sound very organized for your visitor - again, have a great time!