One Project Checked Off

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If you've been following along, then you know I set some enthusiastic goals for myself in May.  It gives me great pleasure to tell you that I finished my doll quilt today for the May Doll Quilt Swap.

 Doll Quilters

Since I don't know if my partner reads my blog or not, I can only give you a peek for now.

Intriguing, no?  The theme for this month's swap is "Shape Shifters".  The goal is to make a quilt that is some shape other than square or rectangular.  This one has a rounded binding, which I've never tried before.  It worked out great, I'm happy to report.  It isn't officially finished because I am waiting for some embellishments to come in the mail.  Once I have those and get them sewn on, it will be off to my partner Lynn, who is practically my neighbor.  Lynn lives just across town from me.

Tomorrow is going to be a day at home for me, and Mike won't be home for dinner.  That means I have acres and acres of time to spend sewing!  Erik, Mike, and some of Erik's friends are going to see the rally cars at Portland International Raceway; i.e., male bonding.  I'm thinking I might use the time to put the borders on the Gardener's Journal embroidery pieces that are stacking up on my to-do pile.

Or I might start on my NewFO for May, which would be to do the first part of the Quiltmaker's Garden quilt.

It's hard to decide with the whole day at my disposal.  I love days like that.  Of course, there's always time for housework.  Or not.

So since I can't tell you about what I've been working on, I guess I'll tell you about a couple of events coming up in Blogville.  First, I'll have something to give away for:

I'll probably post my Giveaway a day early for Cinco de Mayo, which just happens to be my birthday.  It is my last year to be in my fifties.  Should I be celebrating?  (Thinking on this.)  Also, I just learned about this one today.  Did you know about:

Well, definitely, I'll be entering a quilt, but I haven't decided yet which it will be.

So that's about it from this end tonight.  Our weather was lovely today, and I have to say that this is extremely unusual for us.  As I've told a few of you, our last two springs have been miserably wet and cold.  For those of us who like to plant gardens, the past two years were a major disappointment.  And the problem is that the weather warms up, as it is now, and everybody runs out and plants a garden.  Then, the skies open up and it rains for weeks.  Weeks, I'm telling you.  It rains clear through to the official start of summer in the Pacific NW:  the 4th of July. And with all that rain and cold, garden seeds rot in the ground without ever germinating.  Or they just wash away.  Then, gardeners in the Pacific NW heave a collective sigh of depression and disappointment.  

Maybe--just maybe--we're catching a break this year.  My apologies to those of you still suffering with snow, but I am so glad for the warmth and the sunshine that I can't help but gush over it.  

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Brown Family said...

Pretty reds and green. Has a Watermelon look! I will spend tomorrow (today? ) with my sewing buddy. Hopefully we can get her Granddaughters quilt mostly finished!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for the heads up on Amy's Blog Festival - did not know that. I am spending today with my grandies and the weekend is dedicated to getting my Doll QUilt Swap piece done.

Teresa in Music City said...

Your doll quilt looks intriguing - I love round borders! And I love entire days to sew, except that I often get too excited and try to do too much and end up not accomplishing much of anything. I think you are better than I at staying focused and on task :*) Enjoy your day!!!

Diane Wild said...

I'm envious of your day to sew and the near completion of the doll quilt. I have yet to start as I'm in the middle of moving the sewing room. (Gnashing of teeth) Enjoy your sewing time.

Lyndsey said...

Isn't space to sew heavenly. I have an afternoon and evening ahead of me. I've finished most of my errands and only have to walk Scamp before I can settle with my machine for 'bonding' session. Your doll quilt looks very intriguing and I can wait to see it all. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

The project looks intriguing. I've done one thing that wasn't exactly a square - it was a diamond, and then hanging was a real pain! Your NewFO project is really great. I look forward to seeing that one!

quiltzyx said...

Sneak peek - almost done & May has barely started - way to go!

It was in the 90s here Friday, today the 80s with "rain" predicted for Sunday/Monday/who knows. Sheesh.