Defying Gravity

It's been a morning of cooking for me so far.  I'm taking a break to get off my feet for a little bit before I get back to work.  Here's my Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake defying gravity as it bakes in the oven.

The kids are coming up tomorrow to help celebrate Mother's Day and Mike's birthday.  Mike requested this cheesecake for his dessert.  It's made with a full cup of Bailey's Irish Cream...of course, I don't use actual Bailey's.  That would be sacrilegious.  I use a less-expensive kind.  I've made this cheesecake at least two dozen times over the years, and I've never seen it over flow its pan to quite this degree.  I must have whipped it up higher this time than in the past.  It was a nail-biter watching it bake, let me tell you.

It's safely out of the oven now, and looking a little less--shall we say--poofy.  

It still requires a whipped cream topping flavored with espresso powder.  Yum.  If you love cheesecake, this is a good one.  I baked it up for a Baking on Friday segment once.  You can find the recipe right here.

Also, I made up my Tart Green Beans with Bacon for tomorrow's dinner.  I cooked those up for you recently.  You can find my recipe for those right here.  They are also a family favorite, and I think its a rare occasion that we don't have them when the family gets together.  Also on tomorrow's menu:  Artichoke Dip with Fontina, garlic mashed potatoes, a spinach salad made with apples and bacon, and prime rib.  All of that will have to wait until tomorrow, however.

For the rest of today I'm packing up all the stuff in my hutch because on Monday they're going to come in and refinish my wood floor in the kitchen.  I have a lot of treasures...nothing particularly valuable.  It consists of stuff I've either inherited, received as gifts, or picked up while traveling.

That's an Amish doll on the middle shelf on the right.  I picked her up while we were traveling on Cape Cod. Also on the top shelf, you can see pictures of my two boys receiving their high school diplomas.  Some of you with sharp eyes and knowledge of Roseville pottery might recognize that piece in the upper right hand corner.  That piece belonged to my grandmother.  Also, in the lower right hand corner are the little wooden shoes I picked up in Amsterdam.  I think it was a requirement.

On the other side of my hutch it looks just about the same.  There are a lot of little things the kids made for me and other various little gifts people have given me.  Sue likes to call this my "stuff".  Stuff consists of little things that don't take up a lot of space in a suitcase.  Sue and I are fond of gifting one another with "stuff" whenever either of us travels.  On the middle shelf to the right is a bone china teacup my mother gave me as an engagement gift when Mike and I got engaged.  She collected them, and I suppose she thought I might do the same.  I wouldn't say I collect them since the ones I have are mostly inherited, but I did get one from the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C., when Mike and I had high tea there.  You can see it on the middle shelf to the right.  Behind it is an antique tea kettle that also belonged to my grandmother.

Also in the bottom right corner is an authentic Japanese tea service that my dad brought back from Okinawa after World War II.  So none of this stuff is particularly valuable, but it is priceless to me.  So when I finish here, I'm going to go pack it away carefully so that the hutch and sideboard can be moved out of the room.

Late on in the week, we are having new carpeting laid in the living room and dining room.  I'll be able to unpack the stuff from the hutch by then, and turn around and pack up all this crystal and glass wear.  Again, most of it is inherited, although that little bud vase you can see on the second shelf kind of in the middle on the left side is one I brought back from The Czech Republic.

It's a good time to be doing this since the glass shelves in both units are terribly dusty.  Even if we weren't doing the floors, I would need to be taking all this stuff out to clean them.  I'm not a clean freak, you understand.  But I think the last time I cleaned off those shelves was about five years ago.  Keep in mind that we live on a dirt road.  There is a lot of dust.

So I didn't do any sewing yesterday.  After I wrote my blog post, I laid down on the couch and went to sleep.  I was tired after our long walk.  And I won't do any sewing today either since I'm spending all my free time on the computer writing blog posts and helping Smitty edit the pictures he took this morning.  And...it's unlikely I'll get to do any sewing tomorrow either.  Monday while they're here doing the floors, I'll have plenty of time.

Nevertheless, I received some fabric in the mail.  I found this fat quarter bundle on the Jinny Beyer website, and I fell in love with these colors.  Usually, her stuff is a little too dark for my taste, but I thought these were lovely.

They have a sort of crumpled paper appearance.  I think I'll be able to use these in lots of different ways.

So, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know I'm cooking and packing things up.  I hope you all have a delightful Mother's Day with family close by.

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sher S. said...

You sure know how to make me hungry with all your cooking/baking. The cheesecake really set me off. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful celebrations, I feel at home with you (if only a little fly on your wall).
Have a wonderful Mother's Day and Happy birthday to your dh. Hope he enjoys many, many more.

quiltzyx said...

Oh yum.

It's always fun to look at other people stuff - and know I don't have to wash/clean/dust it! lol You do have some cool stuff in there.

Beautiful fabric - right up my color alley too. ;)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just could consume any flavor and the entire cheesecake! My only sweets weakness. Oh, this is why I don't do knick-knacks or dusting off type things.

Cath said...

That dessert sounds heavenly! Lots of work for you to do but a nice way to reminisce over all your treasures. Lovely fabrics and enjoy your day with the family.

Sarah_L_N said...

That cheesecake looks and sounds amazing! I'm hungry now! Beautiful fabrics too. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Barbara! I hope you and your family have a marvelous time together and enjoy the fruits of your labors in the kitchen :*) That cheesecake was almost obscenely luscious-looking in the oven!!!

Lyndsey said...

Happy Mothers Day Barbara. I hope you have a lovely family day. Thanks for sharing the photos of your 'stuff'. Why is other peoples stuff always more interesting than your own? I love all the tea cups you have. Like most moms I also have a collection of photos of important event and things the children have made for me over the years. They are so wonderful to keep. That cheesecake looks delicious and I've added it to my list of 'to bake' recipes. My son is choosing the cake for this week so I shall be baking later.

Kirsty said...

Have just been catching up on a few days of your blog and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed it! You have such joie de vivre! It is infectious. Love hearing about Mr Smitty's hidey holes (that has to be your best post yet!) and as always your handwork is stunning. You are all around terrific. Keep up the good work. x

P.S. The reason you keep finding 'presents' from Mr S in your sewing room is because that is your happy place so, logically, Mr S knows you will be happiest finding his 'gifts' there. That's purrfect logic, by the way, often cats are surprised that we humans don't understand it.

Rosa said...

Yummiest cake,I one a pie!.Love your cooking pics

giddy99 said...

That does look like a nail biter! Congrats on it not spilling over, and have a happy Mother's Day!

kathy-o said...

Oh my, my, my....that cheesecake! It's my absolute favorite dessert...nail biting indeed...enjoy!

LethargicLass said...

I love that you mentioned two places I have lived in your post... such a small world!

Kate said...

Happy Mother's Day Barbara. Hope you family time went well. Love all your treasures from your cabinet. Your new fabric acquisition is beautiful, like a box of jewels.

Diane Wild said...

You have some of the Halls Superior Autumn Wheat. I have quite a bit of that, some from my mom and some I've picked up along the way of life. Happy Mother's Day.

Brown Family said...

Family and good food. That is the best way to spend a birthday and Mothers day! You have a lot of packing and unpacking to do. Those are pretty fabrics.


Lynne said...

That's a lot of stuff to pack and unpack. Have fun!