WMD for Tomato Pests

Remember the pictures I showed you of my sickly looking tomatoes?

I surmised that they had some sort of insect problem.  A few of you had different suggestions about what this might be.  I think Diane might have nailed it with her guess of white flies.  

Last weekend, we sprayed these buggers.  Today, I checked them, and they are looking slightly better.  Better, if only because they don't look any worse.  And on top of the soil, I spied this.

Carnage of the bug variety.  They are microscopic, and so it's hard to get a good look at them.  When I described them to Mike, his guess was white flies too.  Mike's dad was a champion tomato grower.  Oh how I miss his sage tomato advice, not to mention his tomatoes and avocados.  

Excuse me now while I veer off into a side story:  Mike's mom and dad were always amused at the various ways their name showed up on mail deliveries.  "Stanbro" is a rather uncommon and frequently misspelled name, even though it is spelled exactly as it sounds. Folks are always wanting to put a "d" between the "n" and the "b".  Or an "o" before the "r".  Or, my personal favorite, an "ough" on the end.  Or a "w".  I can't even begin to count the number of times I've said, "just 'o'" to someone who is trying to make it harder than it needs to be.

Mike's folks had their own personal favorites.  One piece of mail was addressed to the St. Anbro family.  But our favorite of all time was the take on my Mike's dad's initials of "H. A." in the form of a parcel that came addressed to Hastan Bros.  Forever after, his shipments of California avocados carried the return address of Hastan Bros. Orchards.  I sure do miss you, Old Dad.

While I was out looking at the bug massacre, I checked on the lettuce.  Lookie here!

This is the butterhead lettuce.  The red leaf has a pelleted seed, and it is always slower to germinate.  I didn't notice any of those yet.

Also, my rosemary plant is blooming, which seems strange.  Usually this doesn't happen until later in the season.  I wonder what its major malfunction is.  Or maybe it's just glad to have company after spending the winter alone in the greenhouse.

Okay, now I'm going to get sewing.  I'm hoping to finish the top-stitching on my doll quilt today.  Once that's done, it'll be quick to quilt, bind, and have it on its way to my partner, Diane.

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lynne said...

I have an unusual surname and the pronunciation/spelling errors are mind-boggling!

Brown Family said...

How funny. I am always being ask if there is an 'e' on the end of our name. I explain, 'Brown, like toe color' and they still do not get it!


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Rosemary blooming all over the place around here, Barb, interesting that it's showing flower there too. Early by a while, hmmm. We planted snapdragons, pansies and Ice poppies for color and fun - I squeeze the little dragon flowers until I find one that opens up and snaps. My husband wonders if I have lost it every spring, it took him a while to realize I had a lifelong affliction going and it was hopeless to expect otherwise !~! Petting pansies and snapping dragons--must be Spring in LyndaLand. I need to do a blog post of my own here right quick. You inspire me.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Oh and the spelling of one's last name--I have had weirdly spelled names ForEver. It's ok if you're trying to hide from the law or pasts but not so much when you're trying to be able to be found by others... An "N" inserted into my maiden name followed me for a couple decades and then this Hungarian surname that Ormond brought to our marriage has been ... well, interesting to say the least. Even when I spell it the "V" is often heard as a "Z" and the terminal "S" if frequently thought to be an "F", joy follows me !~!~

I love the subjects about which you blog, Mrs. Stanbro.

Sandra Lye said...

Love your blog! I am visiting in Portland for a few days from Canada. Where do you like to shop for quilting fabric? I would love to check it out. Thanks Sandra

Mrs.Pickles said...

I hope the spray helps your tomatoes. So jealous that you have lettuce coming up already!!

Dana Gaffney said...

I've never had flowers on my rosemary, I didn't even know it blooms, funny how different plants are in different areas.

Diane Wild said...

It's good to see something is growing somewhere. I'm looking at fresh snow this morning. Ugh!

Junebug613 said...

Best wishes on the bug massacre! Something sinister has gotten onto one of my little flower plants (I have no clue what it is, but it was pretty!) lol Yes, people will mutilate the simplest of names. Mine is Fahy. Pronounce the "h" or don't, I will answer to Fay or Fahey. People have more trouble with the pronunciation than the spelling. I just spell it out "F as in Frank, A H Y" otherwise, the F is sometimes heard as an S... Bruce doesn't have that problem. He's a Smith.... lol

Kate said...

Hope you solved your tomato critter problem.

quiltzyx said...

My mom had trouble with white flies on her hibiscus bushes. When my cousin stayed with her, she sprayed them with diluted Simple Green or dish soap & that took care of them.
Not only do people have a hard time spelling my name, but also pronouncing it! Most of the letters are silent. ;^) Last night at my guild meeting, one of our newer members volunteered & she also has one of 'those' names: Rountree (NO d)!