Photo A Day Challenge: Week 17

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These are the images I posted for Week 17 of the Photo A Day Challenge at FatMumSlim.

April 24--I Saw This Person Today

April 25--Life is...[Better with cats]

April 26--Childhood

April 27--Earth

April 28--My Sunday [finished a quilt block]

April 29--I Wore This Today

April 30--Glasses


Kate said...

Great shots. I like the photo of Smitty. He's such a photogenic cat.

Donna said...

Beautiful work! Loved Smitty and your lovely wine glasses. Happy May Day!

Anonymous said...

In love with Folk Kitty!!!! for sure! You 'nailed it' with the photos!!! Hugs, D

quiltzyx said...

Glad to see that you saw George this week. :D

Great batch, as usual - thanks for sharing with us!

Lynne said...

Lovely photos! I read the word "glasses" and thought "spectacles" so was quite surprised when I continued to scroll down and saw those lovely glasses!I had a chuckle over the person you saw today!