Off My To-Do List

Today I did some housework and some laundry and then, with the time I had left, I did some things in the sewing room.

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For one thing, I made my block for this month's Block Lotto.  And there are actually still days left in the month!  I'm terrible about putting these off until the very last minute.  I think this month's block is cute.

You can always find the patterns for the blocks on the Block Lotto website.  This block ends up at 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches (unfinished).  It isn't difficult to make, but it is a little tricky.  You just have to pay close attention to the instructions.

With that finished, I made up the last stitchery for my Vintage Miniature Sewing Machines quilt.  This one is the Princess.

Thanks to Quiltzyx and Lethargic Lass for coming up with an actual photograph for this sewing machine.  It's quite unusual.

The sheet that came with it says that it was patented by Max Sandt in 1891 in Germany, and then again in 1892 in England.  It was manufactured by Steinfeldt & Blasberg of Hanover.  It is made of cast iron, painted orange, pink, or blue with a faint blush on the cheeks.  The seat where she sits is holding the spool of thread. An 1894 advertisement stated that it was the "Best present for a girl and a perfect chain stitching machine in miniature, equally as strongly made, and producing as good sewing, as a full size machine".  This machine and the "Clown" also made by the Sandt company are considered the most highly desirable toy sewing machines ever made, and they are both extremely rare.  There are only 10 Princesses and 4 Clowns known to be in existence.  

Here is an image of the Clown:

Even with that explanation, it's still puzzling how this works.  It looks to have a hand crank on the side, but where is the needle?  And how does it sew?  Interesting.  If you would like to learn more about these machines, you can read more about them right here.

If I have time tomorrow, I'm going to start on the next block for my Folk Art Cats quilt.  This is the January block.  I was keeping up until December, but now I'm hopelessly behind.  Oh well.  The remaining blocks aren't as relevant to their respective months as the October, November, and December blocks were, and so I don't suppose it matters much.

And here's what I want to know:  Honestly, is nothing sacred?  When I took the pattern from its plastic packaging, I discovered that it had been severely chewed.  Hm.  I can't even begin to imagine how that happened, but I am suspicious.

You don't suppose this little person had something to do with it, do you?

So now my sewing machine is all packed up in its spiffy new case.  I'm signed up for the 3rd of four classes to learn to use it.  I'm thinking one of these classes is about using the stitch regulator, and I don't need to take that one since I took it when I learned to use my old machine.  

Anyway...I wanted a good case for the machine.  The store where I bought it was recommending the Tutto case, but those are quite expensive.  I've been following along on the Yahoo group for 7 Series owners, and someone recommended this case made by Sullivan at less than half the cost.  I actually like it better.  It is on wheels, and it has hard sides.  The sewing machine sits in a padded "sling" and then all of its cords, foot pedal, extension table and accessories fit around the outside of the sling.  It has a handle like a piece of roller luggage.  I'm very happy with it.  If you are interested, this is a link to the website where I got it.

So that's it from me today.  Time to start dinner.  In fact, it's past time.  Maybe I'll talk the mister into going out this evening.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Brown Family said...

That is a neat case. I am glad you are finding the Yahoo group helpful

quiltzyx said...

Oh, I can not believe that Sweet Smitty would have chewed the plastic bag...I didn't see any bite marks on the pattern paper! (I used to have zzyzx bite the corners of greeting cards that were being sent to special folks.)

I like your sewing machine case. I'll have to check that out (thanks for the link) - I usually just use one of my rollie carts, but one has lost a wheel & the other is getting a little wobbly.

I wonder if the Princess actually used the needle in her/his hand as the machine needle?

girlsfour said...

Like the case. Would love a red patent leather purse someday which would make sense then that I like that. Gotta have the luggage-type handle. It just makes it all so easy, doesn't it?

Seeing the chewed bag made me smile. My little stinkers here chew corners off lots of bags. Really don't care when the bread is left out on the counter overnight and get up and the bag has been chewed. Gotta love 'em!!

As usual, I thoroughly enjoy your posts and am still in awe as to what you get done!! I was feeling like I don't sew much and started thinking about it. In the past month I have made an infinity scarf (easy!), hemmed our youngest daughter's prom dress (two layers), altered the bodice of the prom dress, twice. This meant securing and clipping beads off (twice), sewing on about nine hooks and eyes (twice) - needed to be smaller after the first time. Oh yes, it was so fun (not really) Also made four garters (easy) and two of the heart-shaped hot pads.

Am really itching to do some quilting though and of course, have lots of projects I can start on.

Been busy with my little foster kittens too who are now three weeks old.

Thanks again!!!

c said...

Oh no meowmmy, I sure didnt do it!
Must have been not me! Sure like that red case, I could curl up in that if you leave it open! Love the cat pattern-what lovely quilts I can lay on toooo, ppuuuurrrr

legato1958 said...

My kitty, Whiskers, chews on plastic bags, too. One day... I discovered a strip of plastic that she had swallowed. It was about 1 " x 6 " ! I went all over my house to put away the little bag stashes that I had for scraps and small pieces. She eats curling ribbon , too, and finds a ribbon in a blink if I am wrapping a gift. (She had to have surgery to get that thin curling ribbon out that she swallowed, when she was younger.)

Your machine traveling bag is so sharp!


treadlemusic said...

Love your stitchery and the info with it! I have not been aware of such and found it so very interesting!! Will need to check out that case! That is gorgeous! Great post! (in spite of the "chewing" part!)

Lyndsey said...

In our house you never know if it's the dog or cat who has been chewing the corners of the plastic bags. They both blame each other! I love your machine case and the wheels make it perfect.

Diane Wild said...

I was at a quilt show yesterday(after I closed the door on the garage sale) and there was a display of vintage sewing machines and vintage toy machines. Made me think of you. In fact, there was a table of quilting garage sale items and I found an embroidery pattern for toy sewing machines. Hope you don't mind, I bought it (50 cents) and will put it in my "to do" basket. Today is our first mild day, maybe in the 50s but we're expecting rain tonight turning to snow tomorrow. Predicting about 3". What did we do to deserve this?