Wasted Day

Yesterday I decided to forego my Curves workout in favor of doing Monday's workout on Wednesday.  That means working out four days in a row.  Think I can do it?  Time will tell.  I made the change because I try to give myself at least one day out of the week when I stay home and go nowhere.  (Staying home = Going nowhere.  Just thought I'd clarify.)  Since I'm getting a pedicure on Wednesday, that meant I was going out on my usual day to stay home.  It seemed obvious that Monday should be elected to take its place.  (I hardly ever over think things.)

One would imagine that a day at home would involve a lot of sewing.  One would imagine wrong.  Because my day at home involved a lot of frustration on the computer.

Yes, I always dress up in a business suit when I stay home and waste time on the computer.  Don't you?  It makes me feel more important while I'm swearing, and my swear words sound ever more sophisticated.  For example, yesterday I did a search for "substitute swear words".  In general, I'm trying to cut down on my swearing.  The Urban Dictionary suggested this word:  Fratteratterpeggaloomer!  So yesterday, I said it a lot!  Being alone, I did not feel foolish at all.

I doubt very much if you would be interested in the myriad ways the computer world defeated me yesterday, and so I won't bother rehashing all of it.  However, it reaffirms my belief that computers--my computer, specifically--are possessed by demons.

And if you're like me, you cannot walk away while the computer is ahead.  It simply isn't possible until I've evened the score.  I am like this in my sewing too.  I'm not ashamed to admit being a sore loser.

So once I'd had my dubious way with the computer, I decided I'd have my way in the sewing room as well.  This actually went more the way I'd hoped it would, although I would have preferred more time in the sewing room and less time thinking up polite curse words.  Here's where I am with my Line Dance quilt:

The applique is all done now except for the words on the top panel.  It was really a lot of fun going through my smallest scraps and picking out little articles of clothing.  I want to embroider some lace onto some of the unmentionables.  We'll see how successful I am at that.  Also, I'm going to make a little cross stitch and tie a bow on the shorts on the top line to make a drawstring.  I want to put some beads on the dress top for buttons, and I'm going to satin stitch stripes on the arms of the white #2 shirt. Also, I'm going to embroider window panes onto the house windows.

I found some perfect backing fabric for this quilt, and so I can't really quilt it until that fabric arrives on my doorstep.  I'll have to hold off adding the little clothespins until the quilting is finished.  I'll probably wait until it's bound too since my plan is to glue the clothespins in place. 

So that's the state of my yesterday.  Have you noticed how long I can yammer on even when I have nothing to say?  Honestly, the mouth amazes me sometimes.  I was just looking for images of mouths to demonstrate how immense mine is when I came across this one.  I decided to put it up in honor of the Easter Bunny's visit this Sunday.

So next, I am going to go do Day One of my Four-Day Curves Extravaganza (FDCE for short).  Ordinarily, Sue and I would walk on Friday, but she weenied out this week.  Then I'm going to pick up a few little things at the grocery store.  Then I'm going to make up for yesterday's lost time in the sewing room.  I want to finish up fusing the applique on the Line Dance quilt, and then I need to finish up labeling and putting a hanging tab on Matthew's quilt.  And then, maybe a couple of miscellaneous blocks.

What's on your agenda for today?  My advice is to stay away from computers as much as possible.  You'll live longer.

19 comments from clever and witty friends:

Debbie said...

LOL....you give me giggles. So glad someone else talks gibberish to the computer. Why can't they make a computer that understands what I want it to do? Oh, that's right.... Computers are designed by men who think in boxes with only 2 brain cells while women have lots of brain cells that work in a lot of directions at once.
Sew on as it is a lot more fun!

Quilting Babcia said...

As long as you're not inventing new words for the computer in your new Bernina, I'd say it was a good day!

carla said...

Hi!!! When my kids were little...they would hear a swear word and keep saying it forever...so I began making up words to say...and then acting like it was a bad word and tell them never too say it and that would become there new swear word for awhile and then I would have to make up a new word...it worked long enough for them to better understand why they couldn't say some words!!!! I love your line dancing quilt!!!! So pretty!!!!

Sher S. said...

I can relate to your computer problems, mine does the same thing to me and I won't let it have the last word. I have to prove I'm the boss over this electric device. I usually end up just shutting it down. Love your Line Dance laundry room quilt, it is a hoot! Very tempted to make one for myself but my laundry room is in my garage and not a good place to put a quilt. Oh well, maybe I can make one that says Sewing Room on it.
Love reading your blog, I can relate to so many things you talk about. Thanks for making me smile. I'm off to my dentist appt., not a fun day.

Junebug613 said...

It's funny that you should mention computer issues today. I've been ready to chuck my office computer right out the front door! It won't let me right click on items to change their names (because I misspelled one). I even ran several antivirus and cleaning programs, but it didn't fix anything. ANNOYING. I think the Line Dance quilt is so cute! I can't wait to see it with all the embellishments.

Lynne said...

Oh dear! we can't possibly let anything inanimate win! Like my quilt on Saturday or your computer on Monday! Hurrah for crafting time -- "Line Dance" is coming along really well.

Diane Wild said...

Unbelievable. Just as I clicked on the Post a Comment, my router shut down which means I have to restart the router. It's a Hooterville thing, don't you know. Everything I touched in the sewing room today ended up on the floor. Sigh. Glad to see your sewing room day was better than that.

Lyndsey said...

Even your wasted days have me exhausted and why do computers have to cause such problems. The quilt is coming along at a great pace and is looking amazing. I love your ideas for embellishing the items on the line.

Cath said...

It must be international computer frustration day or something...my computer won't even try to submit my latest word on words with friends. Whats wrong with "power"....oh maybe I am not allowed to have any!*said sarcastically to computer*. Love the washing on the "line dance" quilt. you are moving fast on this one.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

gpc said...

Swear words: my mom said 'kowabunga.' I usually fall back on 'poop diddle'. A 90-something lady I saw today exclaimed 'all day friday.' I worked, I walked, I practiced lots of morse code. What I did NOT do today was any of the thousand things on my "DO TODAY' list.

Kate said...

Even when you say "nothing" you still make me laugh. I do understand about the computer. We upgraded all of our computer networks to Windows 7 at work this last week. I use Windows 7 at home, but when they did it at work, all my usually habi-trails didn't work, nothing looked right. So I felt like you did. My email set up changed completely, took me about an hour to figure out how to set up a meeting again!

Brown Family said...

While I was at my friends today, My hubby texted me that his hard drive had crashed. So tomorrow we are off to buy a new computer. I helped my friend design blocks and a bed runner in EQ6 today. Her screen was so tiny that I was not happy with the results. I brought it home and started over and it came out just right!


Barb said...

I'm glad you yammered on and on about your computer. Made me smile. A lot! I've frequently been tempted to throw mine off the highest bridge around - I would take great pleasure in watching it splash to its demise.

Dana Gaffney said...

It must have been some cosmic warp, my computer worked fine but the internet went flaky, of course it was raining in the land of sunshine so I'm sure that was the problem.
Fudge monkeys
Holy Hogs
Doesn't that just bake your cookies?

Anne said...

Your line dancing quilt is so cute. Love your embellishment plans. Because I read your blog posts via email, I'm a day late, but my day has begun a bit badly because my iPhone demanded to be restored. Eek! So glad my hubby is telecommuting today. I turned the dilemma over to him. I proclaim this computerized phone glitch to be a dilemma because I have a feeling there will still be snags to deal with after my phone's brain is erased. Imagine that I am voicing that rabbit's scream in my head "HELP!"

Dar said...

I so feel your annoyance at your computer. I've been there too many times to count. WOW, you made great progress on Line Dancing. It is just the cutest quilt. Wish I had more time to dabble in "fun" things. This working for a living takes too much of my valuable time! I'll bet you succeed with your 4 days in a row!

SJSM said...

I sure enjoy your prattling on about nothing but everything. My favorite non curse phrase came from my aunt, "Shoot a biscuit." Say that with enough fervor and I feel much better.

Regarding embroidery and cutting fabric, may I suggest on future projects to embroider the larger scrap before cutting out your item. That way if you have an oops regarding place mention of the design, you can just move your pattern piece around the area to fit or redo the embroidery if it comes to that. It is easier for me to do that than make a mistake on my long worked on project. You can use a stick in stabilizer to attach the small scrap to your hoop. Can you tell I have some seat of the pants experience here?

kc said...

Oh Lordy, would you believe back when I was getting paid to make a living, I made a (rather decent) living helping people past their computer problems...and now that I no longer do it, I no longer have the PATIENCE to do it, even when my own is THE worst one EVER. Hubby found a great deal on a new computer, bought it, had it delivered to home, set it all up, and it's soooo very different, there it sits. Talk about a mouthful, that was it, eh?

I *hate* computers and all things computer related, but boy, when they work, they really make the work easy.

You really want to know what wonderous things occupied my time yesterday? Well, I can honestly say, I never even touched the quilt that is nothing but HST's, all laid out on the guest room bed. Oh, I glanced at it, all right, on my way to the guest room closet to get a mailing setup for an order...but, glanced at it was it. What I DID, was spend an eternity (pointlessly, I might add) arguing with a non-English-speaking individual about WHY our medical reimbursement account people cannot or will not accept a ONE-TIME copy of a hot tub Rx, and why they INSIST on getting the same Rx with EVERY.SINGLE.STINKIN.FLIPPINFARFENOOGIN receipt for chemicals...once a month now, for at least the last 3 (!) years, but, noooo, they don't get the Rx along with the receipt, and of course, it makes sense for them to reclassify the chemicals as TOOTHBRUSHES & TOOTHPASTE, which requires an Rx to get reimbursed. Oh my, my blood pressure is up again, just re-thinking it. So, my answer? I had to refile 13 receipts, this time, with the Rx along for the ride. Figured as long as I was there, I'd add on the dental work we've already done this year. And that's already approved & waiting payment. The re-files are still "in process." ARRRGH.

Then I spent some time researching and designing a "working dog" patch...we are getting ready to go on a road trip & there will be a lot of um....visitation. I've come up with a patch that will (I *think*) explain Bailey's presence without me having to explain out loud why she needs to be there. Hopefully, that will reduce the sideways looks (glares & stares) and allow us a little more freedom & visitation time.

A day doing nothing sounds like a lotta work at your house! :)

ANudge said...

LOL - I so relate to this post. A computer is a dangerous thing - if we let it (and lots of times we don't even know it's happening) they take over. Sigh - after two days and nights of babysitting, I had Wednesday off so I could maybe in the afternoon (once I got back from my three hours stint at the library volunteering)do some applique or work on my NewFO without interruptions, and what happened? My computer lured me in to just check my email and it was downhill from there. Love your Line Dance quilt! Now I'm getting off this dang computer and taking a photo of the only thing I got done in three days - quilt-wise that is.