Frigid Friday

We had a dusting of snow on the ground this morning when we woke up, and it was quite cold all day, although we didn't get any more accumulation of snow.  I did see a few snow showers throughout the day.  (And there is one going on as I write this!)  Nevertheless, the trees don't seem to mind because they are bursting into bloom all over town.  I walked with my friend Sue this morning, and we passed these beautiful flowering plums along the way.

The flowering plums have long been among my favorite blooming trees.  We have them lining our driveway, although they have not done very well at our elevation.  We keep cheering them on anyway.  Several of them died, and we kept replacing them.  Now we don't bother because as soon as we replace one, another dies.  The ones we have left seem to be doing okay, however.  It will be about a month before ours bloom.  We are always about a month behind the relatively warmer (ha!) climes of the valley.

Yesterday I finished the binding on the Perfect Harmony quilt.  I still want to add a center tab to the back of the quilt to use for hanging.  I've suspected that it might sag in the middle, and my good friend Dana has confirmed this for me.  (Thanks, Dana!)  Also, I've created a couple of draft labels.  I'm going to let Mike look at them this evening and tell me which one he likes best.  You'll have to wait to see the finished product.

(Edited to say that you can see the label right here.)

And since this was the quilt I committed to finishing for
I'm linking up to the linky party at Fiber of All Sorts.

Also, I think it's safe to reveal the doll quilt I made for my partner in Sweden.  She and I have communicated, and I know the quilt has arrived in her country, so here you go.  The theme for this month's swap was "Animals," and I call this quilt--get ready for it--"Cat Patches."  The quilt is 28 x 27 inches.  I considered doing something other than a cat for this theme, but as I said on my Facebook page, I was afraid doing so might cause a disruption in the space-time continuum.

There are paw prints quilted in the borders, and I quilted the center panel with a sort of meandering heart motif.

This afternoon, I started working on my Laundry Room quilt.  I want to choose a different name for this quilt since I never like to use the pattern names.  I'm thinking "Wash Day" or "It's a Wash" or something like that.  Any ideas?

This pattern is a little different from my usual applique in that the quilt top is built on top of the batting without applying the backing until all the pieces are in place and top-stitched.  This is also the way I did the Wonky Schoolhouse quilt by the same designer.

When it's all finished, the applique pieces have a little bit of "puff" to them, but leaving off the back means that they don't detract from the quilting.  

So I started out by using some scraps of batting and sewing them together using the method I saw recently on a blog that is new to me called Made by ChrissieD.  (Click on the link for her tutorial.)  I've always used a zigzag stitch to do this, but she suggested using a double overlock stitch.  On my Bernina 440QE it is stitch #8, but on my Bernina 750QE it is stitch #10 (for those of you who care).  Anyway...I kind of like this method.  It gives a smoother and stronger seam.  I'll do it this way from now on.

I needed a piece of batting 25 x 39 inches.  Once that was done, I cut out the background pieces and laid them on top of the batting.

Then I created the applique pieces for the sun.

These haven't been ironed down yet.  I want to make all the pieces before I do that, and I was needing to stop for the day.  Incidentally, I use my largest ruler like a paper weight to keep unattached quilt pieces in their place.  You just never know when--oh, I don't know--maybe a cat will decide to "rearrange" things.

Don't let that angelic sleeping face fool you.  He's just dreaming of the mischief he's going to get into when he wakes up.

That's it from me today.  How did your day go?

23 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

I just love that guitar quilt and inspires me to try a pop art piece for my daughter.


Lynne said...

Love the guitar quilt and I'm sure Milke will too. How about "Just Hanging Around" or "Hang In There" as quilt titles?

Cath said...

Barbara!! I love how you quilted the guitar quilt!! Your son is going to love it!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Quilter said...

In my young bride days, Mondays were laundry days and Tuesday was for ironing. LOL. How about Grandma's Mondays.

Snoodles said...

What a sweet face! Surely he is not the one who re-arranges the fabric? :)

Junebug613 said...

Those are very pretty flowers. I think that Mike's quilt came out terrific. I really like the cat patches quilt! Your doll quilt swap partners are so lucky to get such sweet treasures!

Michele said...

The flowering plus is gorgeous and I'm hoping to plant one or more here this year. All of the quilty projects are great too. I love the paw prints.

Sherry said...

The guitar quilt is absolutely stunning!

Charlene S said...

I think "Line Dance" would be a great name. Clothes on the line do seem to be dancing!

girlsfour said...

I was working yesterday and was just telling a woman about your blog. She was there to purchase a Janome Sew Mini machine. Can't remember now but there was a reason she wanted the lightweight sewing machine. By the time I left work she was considering buying an additional electronic Janome as well. She had said her current machine (it was a good brand) was sort of on the fritz but had been working well lately. I told her about you and your machine troubles - what I mentioned was your comment about your machine that it had seemed to work okay temporarily but your weren't confident that it was a long-term thing.

So how your machine now?

Your work is just beautiful - I am amazed by what you get done. Your machine quilting is perfect. Do you use gloves when you do it? Have you done it a lot? Do you use any pattern?

Do you have a studio where you sew? That's what I have figured I want someday - not just a sewing room but a studio.

Spring will come sometime to us!!!! Have a good Saturday.


Donana said...

You couldn't have taken a sweeter picture of that little boy sleeping!

Dana Gaffney said...

I love the original name you came up with for the cat quilt, did you make one for yourself? I think you should have one hanging in your sewing room.

kc said...

Been a little quiet down here in sunny SoTX, had ya noticed? I have a zillion emails in the neglected inbox, so I went thru & deleted all except etsy orders & Cat Patches, and I'm just now getting caught up on your activities! (both of us have been like some of your plum trees - dead or just about, but on the road to recovery now, thank the LORD!)

Love, love Cat Patches, but love Smitty even more! Sweet thing, how can you even think that he's dreamin' of mischief?

How about 3 Sheets in the Wind for your laundry room quilt? (it's SUPPOSED to be a play on 3 Cats Ranch)

Sending you some sunshine!!

Dar said...

Mike's quilt is super, your sweet "Cat Patches" quilt is so cute and your swap partner is one lucky lady. I absolutely love your laundry quilt. I had a bunch of names lined up, but when I read all the others before me, mine seemed dull. There are some winners in those others. You'll pick the one you like and it will be perfect. Thanks for sharing your method for the new applique. Will check it out.

treadlemusic said...

The "guitar quilt" is awesome! The quilting adds so much depth/detail! The exchange is great, too!! Your attention to detail is so 'key' to your success with these projects! Beautiful work! Hugs, Doreen

Lyndsey said...

The guitar quilt is beautiful, I love your quilting. The cat quilt is darling and your partner is sure to love it. Given the name of your blog what other animal could you have done? That laundry room pattern is delightful and your comment about the pegs sounded fun. Good luck keeping Mr Smitty away with your ruler if he really wants to help. Mind you I don't see how you could accuse such a cute kitty of dreaming of mischief... surely you must mean somebody else?

Diane Wild said...

As usual, I'm a day behind. Your quilting on the Harmony quilt turned out perfect. Good to see that there is spring somewhere. Send it my way, please. Laundry room quilt title: Just Hangin Out.

Brown Family said...

I love the dimension and texture of the Harmony quilt! I have used an iron on product, when I have it here, to put batting pieces together. I will try the #10 stitch.

I, too, cover up un-ironed applique protects or blocks that have been cut ready to piece at the end of the day. I know my tow will be on it!


quiltzyx said...

Looking forward to seeing your label for Perfect Harmony.

"Cat Patches" - you couldn't have picked a better name!

I like "Hanging Around" or "Just Hangin' Out" & "Line Dancing" too.

The Plum tree blossoms are beautiful. I'm trying to send some warmth up to you - it was in the mid-70s here today.

Kate said...

Perfect Harmony looks great! I love the strings and how the quilting complements the guitar shapes. Your cat doll quilt is darling too. Cat Patches is a very apt name for it, the patchwork body is fun.

Teresa in Music City said...

Great finish on the Harmony quilt! Love, love, love the quilting :*) And of course, that sassy Cat Patches doll quilt with the lime green tail - perfection!

Domestic Moose said...

The guitar quilt looks amazing. And I'm kind of fond of the cat as well.

Patti said...

Stunning guitar quilt, as is the cute cat! Really enjoyed reading about your applique process, as this is one thing I really haven't like doing!