Santa Claws and a Winner!

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It was a very busy weekend around here.  Saturday's comings and goings included embroidery, chasing cats, cooking, tree hunting, and quilting.  Sunday, we went house-hunting with Erik and Mae, and followed up with lunch to discuss our findings.  Then we picked up Matthew from the train station (Matthew is doing his own house-hunting).  But before we picked up Matthew, we had a little time to kill.  We ended up at the grocery store for a few things, where I saw this wine bottled in cat bottles!

It was tempting just to buy it for the bottle...and I might still go back for some.  Cute, huh?

After we picked up Matthew, we went home and finished decorating the tree.  Once we had the tree skirt draped around the base, Smitty took up residence there for the rest of the evening.

But don't let that angelic face fool you.  He's done a fair share of batting at the ornaments too.  He especially likes this one.

It makes sense, I guess.  He's always been a huge fan of Mia Hamm.

It was a little sad hanging this George ornament this year (sniff).

Which reminds me...Smitty doesn't have an ornament.  Guess I'll go looking for one today.  

Today is another busy day.  I have to get an annual physical today, which involves blood sucking.  This morning I'm fasting in preparation, and I'm not very happy about it.  The Walnut-Cranberry Coffeecake has been singing my name all morning long.  I've been drinking water like crazy, however.  I have tiny little veins, it seems, and so the water helps plump them up a little.  I'm only good for one stick, and then I start whining, crying, and cowering in the corner.  My doctor has a pretty good team in her lab, however.  I mean, who wouldn't be reassured, right?

If I survive, I'm going to make some fudge, and if I'm feeling really energetic, I might make another batch of divinity.  After the stress of the morning, I might eat all of it myself.

Also, I want to sew the binding on my doll quilt so that I can get that off to my swap partner.  Oh yes, and I can't forget wrapping Christmas presents.  I always think the tree looks rather lonely until it has presents under it.  And...not to brag or anything...but my shopping was done before Thanksgiving.  With the tree up, there's nothing to do but sew, bake, and sit back and relax.

How are your Christmas preparations going?  

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

Cats are good. Wine is good. Double goodness is good. I would DEFINITELY go back for one (or two) of those bottles!)

My cats used to climb our christmas trees. I had to anchor them to the wall to avoid them being tipped repeatedly. And eat the tinsel. Fun times. I think I am remembering why I don't have any critters anymore . . .

Lyndsey said...

You are so organised, my tree will go up tomorrow. Like you I will leave it undecorated for a couple of hours so Picasso can do his yearly interpretation of the tree fairy. Just got the present wrapping to do and work out the menus for the holiday and then roll on sewing - well after Friday which is when I finish work for this year.

Those cat bottles look too good to miss. I wonder what the wine is like? Hopefully not cat pee.

JLVerde said...

How could you NOT buy that wine? Now I want to go to the wine and spirits store and see if they have it.

I can't wait for christmas. I finished up the gifts I wanted to make for my sister and they turned out so well I'm dieing to give them to her.

Angel and Kirby said...

I a, not a wine drinker, but those are cute bottles. Smitty knows what Christmas is all about!

Kirsty said...

George is no doubt looking down at you from Cat Heaven thinking "silly woman, what about all our good times? Wipe away those tears and remember me for those." And yes, you must get Smitty an ornament...if only so he can knock it down and pounce on it. We put our tree up yesterday. Flash has already investigated the low-lying ornaments (no glass ones down there) and decided there may be merit in attacking them later. Lil' Fluff is more interested in the fibre optics. Such a clever cat - even if she is an evil genius. Zorro says he is going to check it out later...if he can summon the energy to wake up and get off the bed. It's so very exhausting being a pampered cat! All the best for your check up. xx

WoolenSails said...

There is nothing better than a tree and skirt to make kitty happy, they love sleeping under them. I miss putting my cat ornaments out, so I need to make a space with a cushion and a fence, but I am sure they will find a way to get in, lol.


Unknown said...

So tickled at Smitty under the tree, grin, lots of good stories about my cats and my trees, grin! One loved to climb up it and sit there and knock off any ornaments he could reach. You must have a secret for keeping Smitty for the most part calm and well behaved under that tree. Barb in western NC

Betty said...

If I saw that wine, I would have to have it for the bottle, even if the wine was no good. Smitty sure looks content resting under the Christmas tree. I wish my Cayden cat would only swat at ornaments on the tree. He tries to eat the light-bulbs!

Denise :) said...

OMGosh! I love the cat bottles! How fun is that??! And congrats to Cheryl!! :)

Melissa said...

I love those cat wine bottles. We can get them in red, gold, and dark blue around here. I've never seen the turquoise ones before. Pretty! The wine itself isn't half bad if you don't mind sweeter wines and don't have a particularly refined palate (I certainly don't!).

We have to put cat friendly ornaments on the bottom half of our tree. Our 2 trouble makers don't climb, but they both like to bat at and then steal the ornaments.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I would buy the kitty bottle! And I sniffled with the George ornament. I bought two kitty decors for my fur babies (should post those). I am done shopping, wrapping and I only cook the turkey while everyone else brings the sides and deserts. So I can RELAX!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think you should go back and get the wine. What a conversation piece!

Snoodles said...

Smitty under the tree would make a wonderful Christmas card! Hope your check up goes smoothly...
Congrats to the winner!

Lou said...

The wine is delish!!! I have a set of the bottles if you would like them:) Empty of course:) haha!!!!
Just LMK
No tree this year as we are out of state which is good because we have 4 new ones and they are all under a year old along with the 19, 10, and 8 year old:) Yups a house full!!!!
Never a dull moment around here!!!

Dana Gaffney said...

I can't believe you didn't buy that cat wine, even if it's horrible you can give glasses of it to any company you have. They'll talk about you later, but you'll have the cool bottle.

Dolores Fegan said...

I've not even gotten the decorations out this year yet!
thanks for the giveaway!