Thai One On

Tonight I'm looking forward to attending a Thai cooking class with Erik and Mae.  I purchased a Groupon deal last summer, and we're only just now getting around to using it.  Erik has this week off from work, and so it seemed like a good time.  I think it's going to be great fun.  Erik and Mae both know their way around the kitchen, and so it seemed like a good idea for the three of us to go together.

I had the best of intentions today about getting going on my cooking, but I didn't do any cooking at all.  Instead, I hung around in my pajamas half the day and then did housework.  That needed to be done as much as the cooking--maybe more.  I'm picking Matthew up at the airport early in the morning, and so there will be plenty of time for that tomorrow.

Even though I wasn't expecting to do any sewing today, I still managed to get a little bit done.  I finished up the fifth of eight cat stitcheries for the Love Me, Love My Cat quilt.

Then I finished up the next two blocks for the Debbie Mumm anniversary sampler.

Fun, huh?  These were super simple to make too.  So that's all I'm doing on the Debbie Mumm quilt for this month.

Now that I've decided to work on some Christmas things, I'm tempted to start right now and bag the rest of the things I was planning to work on for November.  For example, we are going to a 60th birthday party on Saturday.  Of course, we'll take a bottle of wine, but I was thinking of making this little Wine Waiter vest to gussy it up a little bit.

I purchased the pattern from Sew Happy Me quite some time ago, but I have yet to make it.  Today I took the pattern out and it looked pretty simple.  I think it would go together very quickly.  We'll see if I have time between now and then.  

And I've kind of decided to make Christmas stockings for the kitties as my December fun project.  I've made this stocking a couple of times before, and it is a quilt as you go project.

I used to hang the kids' Christmas stockings beside the fireplace, but now that they're adults, I've given them their stockings.  I miss seeing them there when we decorate the house for Christmas.  Since I don't have any grandchildren (despite my dire need for them), I guess I'll just make a couple of stockings for Gracie and Smitty.  I think of them as my grandcats.  It seems a good way to put some of the cat stash to good use.

What were you up to today?  Did you do any cooking or baking?  Any sewing?  Whatever you did, I hope it was a good day.  Now I need to get going if I'm going to get to that cooking class on time.  Happy Tuesday!

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

gpc said...

I love Thai food, what a fun class!

Sheila said...

It was a glooming day, temps in the low fifties here in the Finger Lakes. Did a little cooking/baking today, pork barbecue in the crockpot for dinner and cranberry & pumpkin cranberry bread for the freezer. Tomorrow more baking, grape pie & sour cream coffee cake for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, no sewing today. Hope you had fun at class :)

Anonymous said...

Hope the class went well, I'm sure it was fun.

WoolenSails said...

A Thai class sounds fun. I made some apple crisp today. Love the kitty piece.


Denise :) said...

How was it? I can probably read ahead and find out! No cooking or baking -- that's today's agenda. Stitching ... a little. Mostly grands! Hugs! :)

Kate said...

Looks like fun projects in your future.