Newberg Walk

Okay, so I'm waiting for the guy to come talk to me about rebuilding the downstairs.  What better time to write a blog post than while one is waiting, and waiting, and waiting for someone who has called no less than three time to say he's going to be late.  Sigh.  Still, I took more pictures than I imagined on my walk through downtown Newberg, Oregon, this morning, and so I figure now is as good a time as any to tell you about my little town.  I should say here that, technically, I live in Hillsboro, but we are really much closer to Newberg, and so we claim it as home.

And, duh.  This whole trip was for the sole purpose of going to the post office to mail a couple of packages. I forgot that it is Columbus Day today, and the post office is closed.  And may I just say that I think Columbus Day is the dumbest holiday I've ever heard of.  Who's with me on that?  Just what exactly are we commemorating anyway?  (End crabby old woman rant.)

So here's what our post office looks like when its closed.  (It sort of looks the same as when its opened, except that there are people inside when it's opened...people that you can't see from the outside.)

I like our post office.  It's a historic building.  Here's a picture of its cornerstone.  It was built in 1935, when Henry Morgenthau, Jr., was Secretary of the Treasury, and James A. Farley was Postmaster General.

I'm just giving you all the fascinating information I have about the post office in Newberg.  Did I mention that it's closed on Columbus Day?  (Grrrrrrrrr.)  

So I put my packages back in the car and set off on my walk of the main drag through our little town.  But we can't start until I make one thing perfectly clear.

There is absolutely no having fun while walking the streets of Newberg.  Got it?  So take off those roller blades, put away those skateboards and bicycles, straighten up, and fly right.  What were you thinking anyway?  And no gum-chewing either!

I told you I would take pictures of anything I saw that was interesting, and honestly, I doubted I would see a single thing.  Boy was I wrong.  For one thing, I forgot all about our one claim to fame:  The Hoover-Minthorn House National Historic Site.  National, Baby!  So show a little respect, will you?

This caused me to deviate off my original path by one whole block.  I'm imagining this way point will make all the difference in my weight loss efforts for the day.  So here's my new route:

As a thing to revere, this is sort of on the magnitude of Columbus Day. It seems President Herbert Hoover lived in this house for all of five years beginning when he was  ten years old.

Here's how the house looks from the front.

Kidding aside, I think it's lovely.  This next shot was taken at the opposite corner of the house so that you can see the back.

It has a pretty garden area at the front door.  The back yard is planted with a number of fruit trees.  I've driven by when the pear tree is positively loaded with pears.  There were none today, and so someone has apparently harvested them already.

I imagine this is where the future President Hoover did his doody.  (I just love getting private glimpses into the secret lives of beloved public figures.)

I peaked inside the door just to be sure it was actually the privy that I expected.  What do you suppose was inside?  Well.  It was a privy, but now it has bags of fertilizer inside.  Perfectly appropriate, I think.

Okay, so are you breathless with excitement now?  Yep.  That's our Newberg.  People sleep out all night awaiting the grand opening of the newest Goodwill store, AND we celebrate unpopular presidents who lived in our town during their prepubescent years.  

So what else did I see in Newberg today?  Well, there's Chapters Book Store.  You can get a cup of coffee and a pastry, use their wireless internet, read and/or purchase one of their used books, and generally just hang out.  I like this place.  I've purchased some used cookbooks here before.

Oh yes, and then there is Bad Kitties.  If you're wanting a tattoo or a body piercing, Bad Kitties is the place for you.  I can't say that I've ever actually patronized this establishment.

Now, this next place has some serious potential.

[Sad Face]  Closed on Mondays.  Bummer.

If I were about 30 years younger, I would open a quilt shop in a heart beat.  But I'm much too old and crabby to be starting a business at this stage of my life.  That doesn't stop me from scoping out the places that I might open one, however.  How does this building strike you?  It's the former home of the venerable First National Bank.

I peeped through the window, and here's how it looks on the inside.  Can't you see bolts of fabric lining the walls in here?

The Goodwill parking lot was still mobbed today, but that's okay because I spent a good portion of my time this morning snooping this store.  What a fun place.  I've been here before, but Mike was waiting for me outside, and so I didn't have time to fondle the things I saw.  Today was different.  It was a lot of fun.  I'll be patronizing this store more often in search of treasures.

Here are a few of the things I saw today.  Aren't these adorable?  Can you see what they are?  They're little pouches/purses/coin purses (take your pick) made from baby socks.

The most colorful sock monkeys I've ever seen.  (Have I mentioned that I seriously need a grandchild?)

And this little Mama Kitty doll holding her two kittens.  Precious.

There were several doll quilts all in this same style.  I liked this one best.

Can you see what it says?  "A real friend overlooks your broken down gate, and admires the flowers in your garden."  Love that.  I might have one of these on my NewFO list in 2013.

Padsworth, I saw a couple of your relatives while I was there.  I think these guys are called "Grumpy" and "Happy".

And how could I leave out all of these words of wisdom?

So are you getting that I didn't do any sewing today?  Maybe tomorrow I will have time.  I did do some housework, and I met with the guy about reconstructing the downstairs.  He says he can have someone out here to start working on Wednesday, and he thinks it will be done by next Wednesday.  That would be great, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that completion date.  It is a hopeful sign, however, don't you think?

I hope you enjoyed our little walk through Small Town, Oregon.  You can resume roller blading, skateboarding, and bicycling now.  Just be sure and wear those helmets.  It's the law.

20 comments from clever and witty friends:

Rachel said...

Loved the tour! I LOVE sock monkeys! Those are some good ones! Dare I say it, those looked like sock frogs...so they may be from the "other" side of Padsworth's family tree, LOL. Hoping for a quick finish on the restoration!

Kate said...

Great walk. I totally agree, the previous bank location would be great as a quilt shop.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

That was fun! I do see bolts of fabric in that building for lease. They had lots of Kansas Trouble against that right wall....giggle.

Junebug613 said...

I think blogger ate my post! SO if you get this twice....

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. I enjoyed it! I often wish that I lived in or near a smallish town. I like the empty bank building. I'm a sucker for wood floors. A little paint, lots of fabric, some books and finished quilts. Yep, I can imagine a quilt store in there. The whole Goodwill store grand opening scenario had me giggling. I live literally a block from two large thrift stores. I like the odd, relatively insignificant historical things that get turned into historical monuments. Think about all the work that someone or some committee had to do to get it made into a monument...oooh I like that store. A sock bunny!!! cute!

Cinder Gal said...

Thank you for the tour of your small town. I loved it. We can always see something if we just look around.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a fun tour! We have those 'no fun' stuff signs too - not that we have too much in town anymore. I just had the most serous laugh at the melted chocolate !!!!

quiltzyx said...

Ooh, I would like to poke around that shop too - while I'm not usually a painted wood fan, I'm beginning to like it more lately. I do like those light blue pieces in front of the store!
And yes, I can picture a quilt shop in that building. I think they should all be in differently shaped buildings anyway. :D

Celtic Thistle said...

What a great tour with an excellent tour guide. Shame the chocolate shop was closed (or maybe not!).

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The mama kitty with her babies did it for me! That is wonderful!

karen608 said...

Wish my town of 4000 people had a Goodwill store, LOVE them. I don't get out much so enjoyed your trip to town. My friend forgot it was a bank holiday as well. Post offices and banks are the only ones that seem to celebrate Monday fake govt. holidays. What is wrong with them? My crabby old lady rant, too. I think they need nonpaid holidays like the rest of us. Ah well. I'm kind of glad you didn't go in a get a tattoo.

Dana Gaffney said...

I did the same thing yesterday, had a bunch of places to go then found out it was "bring death and destruction to the local inhabitants" Day. Shut me right down. I loved every bit of our walk and I have so much running through my brain right now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It was fun to tour your town with you. Looks like a nice place to retire.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Don't laugh at that outhouse. I may be using one this weekend, at my family reunion in Arkansas. You are going to have to go walking on a Tuesday so you can get some 'honest' chocolate. I didn't know there was 'dis-honest' chocolate. I'll have to check my chocolate supply to see. You need that cup about cat hair. I need one about dog hair. Our pets are well worth all the extra fur they leave.

Snoodles said...

What a fun walk into town with you! I agree that building is perfect for a quilt shop; and Padsworth said yes, indeed, he recalls those cousins of his...LOL I love the sayings - maybe I need to make a mini that says one of those. :)
I'm a big fan of thrift stores, but I'm with you, I like to have elbow room, so I would have waited, too.

LethargicLass said...

why did Hoover live with the doctor for 5 years?

Nita said...

That was a fun walk through your town, thanks!

kate brown said...

Hey, maybe they had it right sleeping out, our Goodwill doesnt have all that good stuff!! I cant imagine my old bones sleeping on a sidewalk but still :). Old bank looks like a great place for a quilt shop. Maybe you should reconsider opening one there, has got to be better than folding underwear!!! LOL

Diane Wild said...

You have more in your little town than I do. Our town is the county seat and we don't even have a drug store. Thanks, again, for the wonderful tour. Hope your work crew gets things done in a timely manner.

kc said...

Well, daggum, so I'm not the only one? I promised a lady I'd be sending her order out first thing Monday morning, so when our mailman appeared to have "not stopped" at our house, I dutifully pulled her package and all our grandkids' Halloween cards out of the mailbox & made a trip to town. Specifically to drop the items off at the post office. I was actually INSIDE, trying to get into the clerks' area, when I realized it was closed for Columbus Day. Who woulda guessed? Luckily for me, there are drop bins for mail & packages (under 13 oz & I was at 15, but oh well...). A day late, a dollar short, that's my motto!

I loooove looking at historic buildings and old architecture - that bank is just begging to be made into a quilt shop!!

Thanks for giving us a tour of sleepy town!

quilary said...

Great travelogue tour of your town - I especially love the interior of that old bank and yes I can picture it as a fabric shop...oh how lovely it would look!