More Baskets

Three more baskets are finished.  Altogether I have completed five of the seven I need.

I wish I could get the bottom two triangles in these blocks to match up a little better, but it's good enough.  I'm going with the colors suggested in the pattern.  The bottom one is actually a sort of salmon pink and olive green.  The colors aren't showing up well in this image.  

Tomorrow the final two should be completed, and then I'll have everything necessary to start sewing the quilt top together.  That will probably have to wait until my sewing room is put back together so that I can have some room to spread out.

Speaking of my sewing room, yesterday I hit a wall with my patience.  Last week, they only worked on it for one day out of the five-day work week.  That means that, including the two days for last weekend and this weekend, nine days have passed with work only progressing for one of those days.  After thinking about it all day, I called the "contractor" and left him a message telling him I wanted to "move this project along".

When he didn't return my call, I called again in another 45 minutes.  He answered, telling me he had a call in to someone about the baseboards regarding an issue that is already settled.  I reminded him that we had made a decision about that, and so the call was unnecessary.  Then he suggested we still needed to make some decisions about the cabinet, and I told him that had been decided as well.  (Sigh, and now I'm starting to get angry.)  We left it with him calling Peter the worker (who has done an excellent job) to work out a schedule for next week.  He (the contractor) promised to call me back.

He finally called back around 6:00 and began by saying, "I'll bet you thought I wasn't going to call you back."

"No," I replied, silently continuing to myself "because that would piss me off and I'm fairly certain that you would not want to do anything to piss me off right now."  We have it scheduled that Peter will be here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.  I also left the contractor with the suggestion that he might want to arrange for the carpet work to be completed as well.  Also, I pinned him down about when the work would be complete:  "Next week, right?"  He agreed that was a reasonable time frame.  No doubt, since he promised it would be completed last Wednesday.

Hopefully I've communicated to him that he doesn't want to be talking to me any more.  He'll have a much better day if the two of us do not need to have any more telephone conversations beyond scheduling the work.

I'm not as nice as I was in the beginning.


Anonymous said...

LOL and fair enough too!! People need to learn that you should never ever try and keep a quilter from her sewing room!!

Rachel said...

Years ago we put an addition on , our home...I FEEL the contractor talks...and the time frames...oh, the time frames.

Maria said...

LOLLLLL That will teach them not to mess with a lady wanting to sew.
Love your block and looking forward to seeing what you make with them. How big are the blocks? and which pattern are you following?

Charlene S said...

Personally, I think he got off easy!

Shari said...

I totally get it. I think they string along two or three customers at the same time and just make them all mad. I don't know why in the world they would not schedule them sequentially, so people would know what to expect. Hopefully they will be done soon!

Quilting Babcia said...

Unfortunately, I think that's a common occurrence with contractors in this area. Just be thankful that, so far, Peter is doing a great job, one that won't need doing over or fixing after he's finished ... been there, done that.

Snoodles said...

At least you've not had any quality issues....I would have done just what you did (except I might not have been as nice)....oops, did I just say that? Keep a quilter out of her sewing area, and she's a Miss GrumpyPants! LOL

quiltzyx said...

The baskets look terrific to me!

I think there is some ruler about repair/remodeling contractors, that they can NOT finish in the originally decided time frame. But, like Snoodles said, at least the quality of the work is good - and you did pin him down for next week. Good on ya!

Oh - I forgot to say on the 1st MQX post...I use a toaster like the one they planted flowers in!! LOL