Hot Day

This is the first really hot day we've had this summer, and we celebrated by turning on the air-conditioner.  I know.  We really know how to have a good time.  Later on, we'll be drinking tequila shots just to liven things up a little.

Erik and I started the day by heading out to the Farmer's Market.  It's almost the last chance we'll have to go to the market before the best of the season has passed.  Next weekend, we're going down to Klamath Falls to see our other son, Matthew, who has moved into a house for his last year of college.  Also, we want to see his band perform.  Then the following weekend, we'll be heading out to see our friends who live out toward the Oregon coast.  That leaves one more Saturday in August.  Then, in September, Mike and I are taking off on a three-week RV trip.  (Can't wait!!)

But to get back to our Farmer's Market trek this morning, Erik and I made the rounds at the Farmer's Market in record time.  The weather was getting noticeably warmer by the minute, and the crowd was growing.  We made the loop, bought our vegetables, took them to the car, and then came back and ordered our fave breakfasts.  For a change, I hadn't been to the grocery store, and I had a list of things I wanted.  Here's what I got:

That would be a trio of pepper jelly for Matthew when we see him in Klamath Falls, lettuce, golden and red beets, pie cherries, Roma tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, red and yellow bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini.  What a haul, huh?  That's all the produce I need all week.  I was a little surprised they had portobello mushrooms, I have to say.

After that I stopped off at the grocery store because we were out of ice cream.  Anyone knows that it's practically time to call 911 when that happens.  Plus, I got something for dinner, although ice cream for dinner on a hot day suits me just fine.

And then . . . sewing!!

I made the latest bee block for the We Bee Learning Block Bee.  Jackie asked for a Greek Cross block.  She asked for a solid white background with any color for the rest of the blocks.  This gave me a chance to use up the last of this butterfly/lilac fabric that I used when I made my second quilt ever.

After that, I made the August block for the Hello Sun quilt along.  These blocks are so much fun to make.  I can't wait to see the whole quilt put together.

That's about all I did today, but I need to show you some fabric that Lisa gave me when I visited her in California.  I was so taken with the fabric that what she told me about it went in one ear and out the other. There are absolutely no obstacles between my ears, and so this happens to me all the time.  Nope.  Nothing to slow anything down and it just blows through with a big loud whoosh!  Anyway . . . I think she told me she got it at a garage sale or thrift shop or something.

Aren't these great?  I'm light on Christmas fabrics too, and so these will get put to good use.  Thank you, Lisa.  You did good.  I never find cool fabrics at the thrift store.  What's the matter with me anyway?  I am very good at finding jeans that fit, however, even if they are Mom jeans.  (I am a Mom and so it's okay.)

And I couldn't let another post go by without showing you my latest cat pictures.  Smitty is an excellent helper when I'm writing blog posts.  (Not.)  There was an ad playing . . . you know, one of those annoying ones that you can't shut off . . . and he was fascinated by it.

Here are today's images.  Flat cat:

Mad cat:

Gracie, for all her huffing and puffing and growling and walking around looking pissed off all the time is actually quite curious and interested in Smitty.  She's doing much better and has allowed him to bump noses with her a couple of times.  Then she feels a need to box his ears, but he takes it all in good kitten humor.

We'll get there, and it's going better than I expected.  He is a sweet little guy, and even Gracie can't resist him.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely vegies - yummo! Oh, Smitty - you need to quit burning those calories - slow down so you put some meat on those bones - flat cat indeed.

sandyb said...

I just love your blocks. I haven't made it to the Farmer's Market here only once when our daughter was home sad to say.

Your picture of George looks so much like Charlie laying between my husband's legs in the recliner.

I love your Smitty stories. I would love for Charlie to sit by me when I am on the computer. He sits on the back of the recliner once in a while and swats at me but that is when it is time to go to bed. Maybe I should be careful what I wish for, you think?

I was bragging what a good kitty he is and minds so well. Welllll, spoke too soon. We were watching an episode this morning on Animal planet about the cat whisperer or something like that about a really nuts cat that got on the counter etc and brag I did when I looked over and there was Charlie on the cuonter and I have been battling with him ever since. Guess I shouldn't let him watch TV. He was chasing a fly and he found the springs in his feet that he didn't know he had but he knows now, yippee!!!

Gracie looks sooooo very happy:)

Have a great day!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

If hot is a reason to celebrate with tequila shots, then we are in BIG trouble! :) That butterfly fabric looks amazing in your Greek Cross block! She will love it and how cute is that snail?! Oh my goodness...he's darling. That is going to me such a great quilt! And how sweet of Lisa - she gave you the perfect gift! SO happy to hear that all is well in the land of kitties. It won't be long before you are sharing photos of the two of them snuggled up together. Don't let Gracie hear that though! She would be horrified! :)

LynCC said...

Hehe - Love him watching that ad. Here are a couple links that my cats LOVE to watch - they get glued to the screen, even running from another part of the house and climbing up onto my laptop, every time.

For their viewing pleasure: Winter Birds - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=b-bEtoNzGHY

And Squirrels - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vORtczn3N7o

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

What a haul you made at the market! We've had to discontinue our market due to the drought & heat. :( Our backyard tomatoes are just about over now...we WERE getting big fat, juicy beauties, but we're down to just a bit over cherry tomato-sized now (they're Beefeaters, too, so you know they're puny!)....and the leaves are all yellow or brown & shriveled up.

Glad to see Gracie coming around!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You did pretty well, fabric, veges, kitties and ice cream! I'm glad Smitty and Gracie are starting to interact. They'll be best friends before you know it.

Dana Gaffney said...

Flat cat, mad cat, I'm still giggling.

Anonymous said...

Such cute cat pictures, I know you are enjoying Smitty. I must say you keep very busy, I haven't had much motivation lately (sigh) Have a wonderful vacation.

gisèle said...

Votre voyage en VR pouvez venir au Québec Canada nous saluer.
Ici il fait 40 degré et l'été as été très chaude pas de pluie.
Bon dimanche.

Snoodles said...

Yum! What a haul at the market....I've got green beans on the stove that were in the garden a couple of hours ago! Deliciousness!
Lisa found you some lovely fabrics! I have the same problem you have, at the thrift store....I can't find the goodies that other people find! LOL
Love Smitty and Gracie....cute pictures. Have a lovely day.

LynCC said...

Gracie and Smitty look like siblings, don't they? She's so sweet looking at us there! :D

Kimberly Cassie @ Quilty Doodads said...

Adorable kitties!!!!

KatieQ said...

Our local farmer's market is very small, but my daughter and I make it our Saturday morning outing. There is a wonderful bread stand and she loves their sourdough bread so we always pick up a loaf. Even though the weather has been hot and dry this summer, the corn has been very sweet. It looks like there is more of a variety at your market.

Anonymous said...

Gracie is the one that's irresistible! I see Smitty made it to the side bar. I think this last pic of Gracie is sooo cute, you should put it on your side bar. Yes, Smitty really does look flat there. Sharon ssauser@dishmail.net