52 Photos Project: Gift

This week's prompt is "Gift".  We are told:

merriam-webster defines gift as something given to someone without expectation of a return.  are you a gift-giver?  show us a favorite gift you like to give.  perhaps share a favorite gift you've received.
gift can also be defined as a special and usually inborn ability.  we all possess gifts...maybe we're terrifically funny, expert gardeners, fabulous chefs.  
can you own one {or some} of your gifts and capture it through your lens?

I happen to think the best gifts come unexpectedly, and from unexpected places.  Sometimes we have to pay attention and open our eyes in order to see a gift right in front of us.  One summer while walking through our woods, I saw this:

It was something new and wonderful that I'd not seen before, although I'd been walking in the woods for nearly four years at that point.  I continued to visit it every day until finally, it opened into this:  

Wild tiger lilies:  a gift from nature.  It blooms each year.  Lilies grow from bulbs as far as I know.  How did it get there?

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6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Dana Gaffney said...

That's lovely and I do think it's one of the best gifts. We have two "gift" palm trees like that, no idea where they came from, but we do need to dig them up and move them, one welcomes you to the house by slapping you in he face.

michelle gd said...

lovely photos, and i love your mindful attention to this lily. a gift indeed...

annie said...


Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

Love the simplicity!

Katie said...

I love tiger lilies. I was recently in Maine where they grow wildly everywhere and I do remember thinking, all these precious gifts. Beautiful capture.

Bella said...

So beautiful! The first one looks like a heart.