A Winner, A Finish and A Little Something


I promised you a winner today for my Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop Blogiversary Giveaway.  (That's a mouthful.)  I generated a number at random and came up with:  

KatieQ said... 138Congratulations on 2 great years of blogging. I am a follower. I really like this block and the secondary pattern it creates. It will be wonderful for a QOV.  I live in the Westchester County, NY, but today I'm posting from ocean kissed East Hampton, NY
Thanks for playing along KatieQ.  We've communicated via email, and I'll be putting your fat quarter bundle in today's mail.

Incidentally, I really enjoyed reading all the places people were writing from.  With 202 participants, we pretty much covered every continent on the globe and most of the states in the union. Thanks for all your kind comments regarding my Blogiversary.  With you all being so nice, I'm ready to celebrate another year with another giveaway . . . just so I can read all your sweet comments!


I finished up the 5th of 12 embroidered blocks for the Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine BOM.  And I'm all out of the grey floss now.  I had just exactly enough to finish this block.  More is on order.  Hopefully it will arrive before the next block arrives.

When I returned from Ireland, I was a month behind on this one, but I'm caught up now.  These have been fun to do, and I look forward to receiving the next one.

A Little Something

Speaking of Ireland, I picked up these little cut out cards from one of the vendors while I was at the quilt show.  They work just like the Carol Doak Keepsake Frame Cards.  The ones I saw at the quilt show had been pieced, but I just added a scrap of fabric to this one and used a glue stick to glue it down.  Pretty, huh?  I wish I had paid attention to the vendor while I was there because there's no information on the package they came in.  I tried searching for a source on the internet, but apparently I don't know the right search terms because I couldn't find anything.  They wouldn't be difficult to make yourself, especially if you have one of those fancy paper cutting machines.

This one is heading off to my cousin in Texas.  We recently reunited on Facebook, and it's been so much fun to be back in touch with her.  I've been going through a mountain of family slides for the past couple of months, and I pulled out some that will mean more to her than they will to me.  I'm sending them off to her with this little card.  I love making little cards like this, and with the price of cards these days, the purchased frame cards end up being something of a bargain . . . and a new way to use up my voluminous scraps!

Today I'm taking my Daisies & Dots quilt to the quilter and running a couple of other errands, and then sewing.  I'm sewing together the bow tie blocks I received from the We Bee Learning Block Bee.  I'm still puzzling out what to do about the borders on this one, but I'm thinking I'll stick with my first impression which was to use a white border, and I'm going to bind it in a solid orange.  I'm thinking of calling the quilt Bow Tie Bonanza.  What do you think?  And if you have no clue what I'm talking about, here are the blocks again.

I'm thinking I'll end up quilting it with a diagonal grid of sorts.  That will make it simple, and its path to being finished will be much shorter.

Edited to say that I'll be linking to:

There and Back

Enjoy your Tuesday!

15 comments from clever and witty friends:

Junebug613 said...

Congratulations Katie!! I like "Bow Tie Bonanza" - it's fitting! Those little cards look cute! I am also enjoying your Sewing machine blocks. Not only are they pretty, but educational. I am fond of the older machines. They were so pretty.

Rosa said...

Congratulations to Katie.I love your stunning Bow Tie Bonanza, and your older machine block is nicest.

Terry@ iluvmybugs said...

Congrats to KatieQ and thanks for the great giveaway! Love your Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine BOM and Bow Tie Bonanza quilt. I think the white border and orange binding will really make those fun fabrics 'pop'!

Irina said...

wow, I love the way this bow tie Bonanza is looking!
If you had any scrap leftovers (and time and patience too), you could add a scrappy border...

WoolenSails said...

Congratulations to Katie!
Love your new pieces, fun to do different types of projects.


LynCC said...

That'll look great with the white border and orange binding. Really love that sewing machine stitchery

Kate said...

Your emboridered block looks great. Congrats on getting caught up on another BOM.

The white border with the orange binding sounds like a good finish for your bow tie blocks. I'm hopeless at naming quilts, but I like Bowtie Bonanza.

Loretta said...

Congrats to the winner! Hello Barbara, love the new look! Words cannot express my sorrow for your lose of George!
Many Huge

Teresa in Music City said...

Congrats to Katie!!! I love the name Bow Tie Bonanza... fits the quilt perfectly!

Celtic Thistle said...

They don't make sewing machines like that any more, do they? Love you Bow Tie blocks together too, will make a great quilt.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm really loving seeing all your vintage machine embroideries. Even more so, since I collect vintage machines.

KatieQ said...

Thanks again Barbara. I think a white border and orange binding will be perfect for the Bow Tie Bonanza.

Snoodles said...

Congrats to Katie!
I love those bow-tie blocks, and I think the border will be perfect!

Nic said...

Visiting via the handmade parade...
Love the embroidery. It's a beautiful little machine :)

waggonswest said...

Beautiful embroidery.