Leftover Images from Ireland: Part Three

These images are all from Killarney, one of the larger cities we visited.  We spent two nights there.  The first day, we launched our excursion to the Dingle Peninsula.  Then we had dinner on our own in Killarney that evening.  I enjoyed this place very much for its charm and its friendly people.  In fact, the people we encountered in Ireland were among the most friendly I've met in the three journeys I have made to Europe.  They are delightful people.

Some charming things I saw in my wanderings:

Horse and carriages, which are called janting cars in Ireland.

Need a place to park your horse and carriage?  I know where.

Street musician.  Look carefully at his instrument.  Is it a violin?  No.  Is it a trumpet?  No.  What is it exactly?  In any case, he was a pretty good one man band.

This is where we had our dinner.  Those are some of the members of our group at the bottom of the image.  The woman on the far left was there with her husband, and they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  I liked the name of this place.  Sounds like Ireland, doesn't it?  They were playing Irish music inside.  The place was packed, but the food and service was still excellent.

I suppose it's un-Irish-like not to drink Guinness while visiting Ireland.  A taste for beer is not something I've been able to acquire, although I have tried.  I found myself ordering a hard cider called Bulmers.  It came in various flavors, including berry, pear, and apple.  I had all three while I was there--in Ireland, that is, not just this one evening.  It has a 4.5% alcohol content, and aside from the alcohol content, it's like drinking a flavored soda.  I liked it a lot.  Now I'm looking to find it in the USA, where it is marketed as Magners.  I'm told I can get it at Wholly Too Expensive Foods.  Going there today to try to score some.

For dinner I had a cottage pie served with Irish brown bread.

Here are some more sweet treats, Killarney style.

A charming home.  

The cathedral in the middle of town.

There was a lot of wrought iron in Ireland, and I loved all of it.

As I've said before, the rock walls all had ferns and various wild things growing from their cracks.  This wall was across the street from the cathedral.

That's it from Killarney.  Tomorrow I'll show you some images from our journey from Killarney to Galway.  

As for today's activities, I'm getting my hair cut, visiting the post office, picking up more bottles for my chive blossom vinegar, looking for Magners (see above), picking up George's medicine from the vet, and making a quick trip to the grocery store.  Makes you tired just thinking about all those stops, doesn't it?  Hopefully, I'll find some time to sew, but I'm not counting on it.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Debbie said...

Love the stone wall photo...it is wonderful inspiration. Actually a great many of your photos are. Such neat names for places, makes me think we are too boring here with all our chains to eat at. The trip sounded just fabulous...but busy. Thanks for sharing.

Diane Wild said...

Loving the tour, again. Debbie is right. Americans give their stores boring and uncolorful names.

WoolenSails said...

More great photos of your trip, so enjoy seeing them and sharing the experience with you.


Kate said...

Beautiful place. Looks like you had lots of fun.

Snoodles said...

Love, love hard cider. (Hic) LOL The cottage pie looks delicious, too. Thank you for showing all the pictures...it's been wonderful! Are you and George holding down the couch again after all those errands? You deserve it - that was quite a list!

Junebug613 said...

I am enjoying this trip! I love the house photo. Storing it in my memory for a possible miniature. That Cottage pie looks good! Is that what is commonly called Shepherd's pie here? Bruce drinks Magners. I don't know if you have Publix out there, but that's where he gets it here. I'm not sure which flavors he drinks.

quiltzyx said...

Oooh, yum - cottage pie! I have made it with leftover garlic mashed potatoes, on those rare occasions that there are any left!
Let us know if you find those drinks here. Sounds like it might be fun to try. My friends' daughter was able to tour around Ireland when she was 18. She lost her camera off the tour boat in Dingle! Other than that, her only complaint was that every Irish pub that she visited was playing American music! LOL

Margaret said...

Looks like you had an awesome time. That next to the last picture of the fence with the bright green grass looks like an amazing quilt color combo. I can see the bright grass green squares with the red sashing. It would be so cute.

Anonymous said...

I love your photos! That musician is really a wonderful shot, such a piece of Irish color. I'm envious of the couple celebrating 50 years in Ireland. =)