Update and Winner Announced

Time to announce the winner of the Cinco de My O'Birthday Giveaway.  I generated a number at random from the 198 entries received, and came up with:


I've contacted you via email, Lyn.  Check your inbox.  As soon as I have your info, I'll be able to get your fat quarter off to you in next week's mail.

It's been a busy week, and it's not over yet.  George is home and doing pretty well.  He's still walking like a drunken sailor, but he's getting around the house in fine form anyway.  He's going up and down stairs, jumping on and off the bed, using his litter box, wolfing his food, drinking his water, and talking.  I imagine he has a few choice words to get off his chest right about now.  He seems happy to be home, and we are so happy to have him back.  He really wants to go outside, but he'll have to be able to pass the field sobriety test first.

Today I'm finishing up the stadium quilt I made for Erik and Mae.  In a couple of days, I'll be posting a tutorial so you can see how I did it.  For now, here's a sneak peek.

It's all finished except that I want to add some reinforcing stitching where the ends of the shoulder strap and the ties are.  And by the way, this was my commitment to the One Thing, One Week Challenge.

Amy's Creative Side

Once that's done, it'll be time to get cooking!  We're having a Welcome-Home-George-Mike's-Sixtieth-Birthday-Party-Bash.  Matthew is here from Klamath Falls.  Erik and Mae will be joining us later on today.  It should be a fun day!  And it's all the better now that the whole family is safe at home, both kids and cats.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Denise :) said...

Sounds like a fun day! Glad to hear George is home and feeling better. The comic cracked me up!! Double half-blind dovetail, indeed! LOL! Hugs! :)

PJ said...

Wonderful Birthday Weekend for you = Priceless!

Loretta said...

This is good news...George is doing better! Congrats to the winner!

Judy1522 said...

So glad George is doing well. I love your stadium quilt especially in the OSU fabric. Both of my kids went there.

desertskyquilts said...

Thanks so much for the George update. I thought I'd check again before I e-mailed you. I'm so happy he's home again!

The stadium quilt looks great from this angle. =)

Happy birthday, Mike!

KatieQ said...

Having George back home is a great Mother's Day present. I love the strap on the stadium quilt. Can't wait for the tutorial.

Lyn said...

Hi Barbara, I just can't believe I won. Thanks so much for the wonderful prize. I have entered so many of the giveaways and this is my first win. What a way to win it is such a generous prize. I have e-mailed you my address. Thanks again.

sunt said...

Here via Amy's OTOW. Great idea to carry a quilt, and the quilt is fun too! :-)

Habibti at Home said...

Stadium quilt, great idea. How useful! Nice work in just a week!!