The Garden is In

The weather was perfect for putting in the garden yesterday.  It was sunny, but not too hot.

Even before things start to grow, I always like the look of a freshly-planted garden.  We are very good at growing stakes and string.

And cherry tomatoes!  Those things sprout the second you plant them in the ground!  

This is our automatic sprinkling system.  Classy, eh?

Here's how it looks from where I sit . . . resting . . . after it's all finished.  I couldn't stop sighing with exhaustion.  My knees are getting too rickety for this kind of work.

Here's how the pack mule looks from where I sit.  Hey, Boy!  Pick up that post hole digger, wouldja?

Here's how the pack cat looks.  His favorite part of gardening is the resting part.

And the petting part.

And the chin-scratching part.

And the grass-salad-eating part.


Linda Coleman said...

George looks like he is just having a great lazying around time watching everybody else do the work. Great to see him looking so much happier. You did do a lot of work on your garden (mine is just a load of grass with a lot of dandelions and weeds in it). So glad you're coming to our part of the world soon, are you counting the days. I hope to get to the gig in Galway so might see you there.

PJ said...

Whoa! You have a big garden there. I like the idea of tractor to go work with. Our garden is big too, but DH and help got it kicked around this year. I like seeing George and you resting, directing the work, over-seeing the whole operation.

Diane Wild said...

We're getting an all-day drizzle today which means those beans and beets are going to pop right out of the ground. We use to have a garden your size but it got drastically reduced a few years ago. Wayy more better.

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely looking garden can't wait to watch it grow :)

Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL at your first photo! Love it - might need to borrow it. I too love the beginning of a garden - so much potential! I have a raised bed garden and love it. Looks like you've got lots of space to grow yummy things this summer. I think George has teh right idea, I just can't find anyone to scratch me under my chin.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We put in some small garden sections amongst the flower beds - no more large garden here. And a time to really support our local farmers at market - they lost everything last year. George looks like my two supervisors -- lazed in the shade and as soon as someone took a break, they were there for a pat and scratch.

Anonymous said...

Love your sign! I liked yesterday's post, too, and seeing what you are putting in. I just read about a recipe for dilled beans, and here you endorsed them! Thanks for the beautiful pictures you posted.

Anonymous said...

cute sign...big garden! Hope it all grows well.

Kate said...

Glad to see that George is well enough to be out and about supervising the planting.

SewCalGal said...

Great post and I love your Garden Sign!