All Sewing, All the Time

Is there anything better than an all-sewing day?  Maybe one where there is no making dinner involved.  That's okay.  I started a new pot roast recipe this afternoon, so it's been pretty much cooking itself.

I still have butterflies to top-stitch, but today I wanted to work on getting some of my sew-along blocks off my to-do list.

The most recent Blogger's BOM is finished:

With so many half-square triangles, I have a hard time sewing and piecing accurately.  Hopefully, this one will fit together all right with the rest of the blocks I have so far.

Then I moved on to the Hello Sun BOM.  I just love these blocks.  So happy.  I might do some more work on the mouth of the sun.  I don't like the way the little dimple in his smile looks on the left-hand side.  It looks a little too much like a fang to me.

But I love that little flower.  I forgot to reverse the applique pieces for fusible applique, so my whole block is reversed.  Did you notice?  Here are the rest of the blocks for this one.

Then I put the borders on the last Promises & Borders block:

and on the most recent Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine block.

Not a bad day's work!  It feels good to get all of those crossed off my to-do list.  I still want to top-stitch my Butterfly quilt, and I'm going to try to finish my Oregon State quilt before the week is out.  Also, I'm hoping to get my swap block made for my partner.

Before I end, I wanted to show you this image of a wall mural I saw when we were driving to meet Erik and Mae for her birthday dinner.  I made Mike drive around the block, at considerable risk to life and limb I might add, so that I could take a picture of it.  Wouldn't this make a great free motion quilting motif?  It would need to be on the right quilt, of course, but I thought it was kind of cool.

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3 comments from clever and witty friends:

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Everything looks wonderful. That would be about two weeks work for me. You are speedy.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Yes to the mural stirring creative juices...

Kate said...

You've been really busy! Love all your projects.