15-Minute Challenge

This has been a busy week considering that I don't work.  I got the final okay on my new contact lenses last Wednesday, walked with Sue on Friday, planted the garden on Saturday, then yesterday took care of some "grooming issues".  ("Grooming issues:"  Piques your curiosity, doesn't it?)  Here's a hint:

With all that going on, I didn't get to sew as much as I usually do.  Besides, we had some good weather, and it was too nice to spend the day in my basement sewing room.

Here's what I managed to fit in:

Tuesday:  Salt Water Taffy (a NewFO)
Wednesday:  No Sewing
Thursday:  Mr. Bear, Plain and Simple
Friday:  Plain and Simple
Saturday:  No Sewing
Sunday:  Mr. Bear
Monday:  Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine (embroidery)

Putting in the garden seems to have put an end to summer, even though summer hasn't arrived yet.  Yesterday it rained most of the day, and we're promised another day of similar weather.  It's supposed to rain less on Wednesday and Thursday, but it will rain just the same.  Oy.  It's nice that the garden is getting plenty of water, but it needs some warmth and sunshine too.  It's supposed to dry out some on the weekend.

For today, I need to do a little housework, and I'm planning to try a new recipe for some bourbon banana bread.

(imaged credit:  My Baking Addiction)

I suppose I should figure out something for dinner too, which may mean a trip to the grocery store.  After that, I'll do some sewing.  Having just finished up the Mr. Bear quilt, my sewing room is in disarray.  I still have a few monthly projects to cross off my list for May, so there's plenty to keep me busy today.


Jaye said...

Yummy!! And I love your "hint" picture!!! I know! I know!!!

Kate said...

Gives the thought of plucking a whole new meaning. I'll keep mine thank you.

Great week on the challenge front. You also seem to have something fun going on in the sewing room.

The Slow Quilter said...

I just printed out the receipe for the bourbon banana bread and plan to try to make one this weekend. My father loves banana bread and the bourbon might give it a good kick even if you can not taste it.

libbyquilter said...

sounds like a productive week in many ways~!
that bourban banana bread looks and sounds delicious.