Two Blocks

Today I completed two blocks for a couple of blocks of the month I'm working on.  Also, I got a very good start on my swap block for the Block Swap Adventure.  That will be for tomorrow.  I had hoped to get more sewing done today, but my back started acting up for now apparent reason.  All I was doing was standing at my cutting table cutting, maybe leaning forward ever so slightly, and wham!  A muscle spasm nearly brought me to my knees.  So strange.  I wouldn't be so mad about it if I'd been doing something fun . . . you know, like bungee jumping, or something like that.  Oh well.  I have some good drugs, and I'm not afraid to use them.  Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.  Sewing:  not for wimps.

So what did I get finished?  This April block for the Hello Sun Quilt Along. 


I just love these blocks.

These are the blocks I have so far for this one.

Then I finished the seventh of twelve blocks for the Blogger's BOM.  It's good that these BOM's are staggered with respect to their start and finish time.  Otherwise, I'd be finishing up all my quilts at once.

 I love how cheerful these are.  This month's block was designed by Jackie at Cluck Cluck Sew.

Here are all the blocks for the Blogger's BOM.

When I took the pictures off the camera, I remembered I'd taken a picture of the back and binding fabrics for the Home is Where the Heart Is quilt.  The bronze fabric is for the back.  I found this online for $3.44 per yard.  I needed nine yards, so that was a big savings over the regular price of fabric.  The stripes are leftover fabric from my stash, and I'll use those for the binding.

I happen to know my quilter won't be able to start on this quilt until May, so my goal is to finish the back by the end of the month and have it to her by May 1st.

That's all I finished today.  I have all the pieces cut for my swap block, and if my back will allow it, I'll finish that up tomorrow.  Also on this week's agenda are the April block for the We Bee Learning block bee and quilting two doll quilts.  

If I can finish all of that, I'll put the borders on my Vintage Sewing Machine block too.  The kit for next month's Vintage Sewing Machine block arrived today, and it contained the fabric for the block borders.  I like what I picked from my stash better, and so I'm going with my original choices.  I'll just stick the fabric that came today into my stash.  It was only a small amount . . . two quarter-yard pieces.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

The Hello Sun blocks are very cute! Are they a mix of applique and pen or is that embroidery?

Diane Wild said...

Wow. You got a lot done in spite of the back spasm. What's with this back thing? Mine does the same thing but I don't have any good pain killers...yet. I think us quilters need to find a network of doctors that will only deal with quilting injuries.

Mrs.Pickles said...

lovely work!

Susan said...

I love seeing the sun blocks laid out in a row like that, so very cute! The Blogger's BOM seems like it started just yesterday, but you have so many blocks finished, I know the time has just flown by!