Farmers Market Morning

We had a dry morning for a trek down to the Portland Farmers Market this morning.  It's just about the best way there is to start a day.  

Erik, Mae, and I like to go every couple of weeks when the market opens in the spring.  Erik has been busy working on the weekends, and so this was the first chance we had to spend the morning together since last season.  After much consultation (none), Erik and I showed up in our matching mother-son outfits.  Proof once again that great minds think alike.

Erik and Mae were on the hunt for tomato starts, and there were some beautiful ones.  

It's amazing how much more variety just a few weeks can make in what's available for sale.  I'm anxiously awaiting the tomatoes and our Oregon strawberries.  California berries have been available in the grocery stores for a while; but, as I've said before, we here in Oregon are snooty about our strawberries.  It's worth waiting for the local ones.

There's something for everyone at our Farmer's Market.  These jams were so tasty, and they would have been good on just about anything.  The one on the right was a spicy cherry habanero with just the right amount of kick.  I might pick some of this up next time.  Erik and Mae got one of these, I think.  The woman selling them suggested spreading them on grilled fish, and that sounded really good to me.

These jars of fresh honey never fail to make me think of the days when my dad and I kept bees when I was a little girl.  One of these days I'm going to have some hives, but I haven't made any moves in that direction yet.

Doesn't this fresh baked bread make you hungry for some crostini with pesto slathered all over it?

I'm always tempted by the fresh eggs.  Next time, maybe.

I'm not in search of gluten free bread, but the rosemary olive bread was irresistible.  It's very tasty, and I wouldn't know it was gluten free by the flavor or texture.

I just liked the way this looked.  There were lots of dried beans available.

Fresh cider anyone?  The cherry was delicious.

The rest of the pictures are all about color and texture, so I'll just stop talking now.

Did you see some colorways for quilts?  And when I look at these carrots in the next image, I see a filler motif for free motion quilting.

Or how about this for a color combination . . . or a block pattern . . . or a free motion quilting design?

No, they weren't selling bricks at the Farmers Market.  Or brick walls either.

You might be a quilter if . . . 


Swedish Scrapper said...

Oh my, color bonanza! No farmer's market up here yet....sniff, sniff.
Thanks for showing such interesting pics! I'd try the purple carrots.

Diane Wild said...

The radishes put off a beautiful color. Everything looked tasty. It'll be a while before anything like that around here.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

No farmers markets here till June or later. That jelly would have been good on my salmon at lunch today.

Lee said...

What a gorgeous array of photos of all that produce and flowers! I will agree with you about being Snooty over Oregon strawberries! I picked them EVERY summer until after I graduated high school in order to buy each years new school clothes! They ARE better!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are so wonderful with your photos. Yes, they do inspire a quilt - or two!!

Brita said...

Barbara, are you of Finnish heritage? I think you and I could be related, after seeing your picture :-)

Gene Black said...

Thanks, my eyes just had a wonderful feast of color and form and textures.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

There are some wonderfully colored vegetables there! I'm glad I wasn't with you- I think I would have purchased lots and lots!

Kate said...

Wow! Love the all the colors and textures in your photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Barbara! What gorgeous pictures! I wish I was there seeing all these flowers and vegetables!!! You and your son are adorable in your matching outfits! Mae looks sweet! ♥♥♥

Jackie McGuinness said...

At first I thought the pic of you and Edik were you Foto Finish Blue selection!!
I've been to the Portland market when we were staying in Portland overnight.
I absolutely love going to the market and yet somehow we never do when we're at home, go figure???

LethargicLass said...

yumm!! Did they have Tayberry jam there? It is my favrouite jam and I haven't been able to find it since I moved away from the West Coast... your pictures all look so amazing!!

Unknown said...

I love your pictures and your visit to the farmers' market. I am looking for black carots, but I couldn't find here in Italy. hugs Alessandra

quiltzyx said...

Wow! A color bonanza - and now I'm hungry too! What are the purple carrot-y looking ones?
I need to find out when/where there is a farmer's market near me. I used to go to one regularly, but haven't been for a long time. You have, once again, inspired me!