Castle Doll Quilt Finished

Today I completed everything but the hand-sewing on the binding for the castle doll quilt.

George was there helping me every step of the way.  It's always good to have a cat around to hold down the furniture.  In my sewing room, things can get a little wild.

The metallic thread sewed like a dream for a change.  I was using my walking foot for this section of the quilt.

A few tricks to sewing with metallic thread:  First, I used a metallic needle, size 90/14.  But more importantly, I used a thread lubricant called "Sewer's Aid."

I put a thin line of it directly on the spooled thread and then rub it in a little.  In addition to lubricating the thread, it lubricates the needle as the thread passes through the eye.  I've used this many times, and it does not gum up my machine as far as I can tell.  Another trick to using metallic thread is to use a thread stand.  The farther the thread has to travel, the longer it has to uncoil and relax before it passes through the needle.  Also, I've had trouble with burrs on my plastic spools and the thread wants to catch on them as it unwinds.  An emery board works well to smooth those out.  I was able to sew the entire border with no breakages and, therefore, no swearing.

I'm hoping you can see the little crowns that I quilted into the outer border.  There is one above and below the pieced crown.  Also, I embellished all the corner crowns with pink hot fix crystals.

Maybe you can see the quilted crowns a little better in this next image.  I futzed with the colors a little to try to bring out the pink thread.

With this one finished, I have two more doll quilts to go.  I need to quilt and bind the shamrock quilt that I made for Irish, and then I'll be ready to get started on the butterfly quilt for Allison.

For now, I have a few more blocks to work on, and then I think I'll start on a NewFO for March.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kelli said...

Adorable doll quilt, Barb!! Love the castle and the crowns. So cute, and so is the kitty. :o)

Needled Mom said...

That turned out so cute and thanks for the hint about the metallic threads.

Teresa in Music City said...

So cute! I love the crowns and the crystals - so perfect for a little girl!!!!

iluvmybugs said...

This is such an adorable little quilt...love your 'crown' quilting and the touch of 'bling'!!! TFS

Linda Coleman said...

A beautiful quilt Barbara that any little girl would love

Wendy said...

Barbara, it's so cute. Nice job on quilting the little crowns and I especially like the added touch of "jewels"!