Block Head

Today I made a couple of different blocks.  For the 2nd time, I made the February block for my partner in the We Bee Learning block bee.

To explain, I already made a February block for this bee, and I sent it off to my partner and forgot about it.  Then yesterday when the March blocks were assigned, I happened to notice that my February partner had asked for specific colors for her block.  She chose a log cabin block and asked for:
something totally girly and fun. I am not picky on the "light vs dark" side some Log Cabin quilts have - so no worries there :) But, I do ask the my middle block be solid black - hopefully that works for everyone :) 
So what did I make?

I suppose if one were to contort oneself to the point of being able to join Cirque de Soleil, one might be able to see "something totally girly" in that.  As for me, I'm not that flexible.  And even if you are, do you see a black center?  (Insert image of me looking totally stricken here.)

So, upon realizing my significant error, I immediately shot off a message to my partner and promised her another block at my earliest convenience.  That would have been today.  I made this to replace my earlier block.  I think she'll be happier with this one, and I'm sure it will fit better in her girly quilt.

After discovering my error, something felt oddly a-tilt in the universe.  I couldn't rest until I fixed it.

Also, I completed a block for my partner in the Block Swap Adventure.

My partner didn't choose a particular block, but she did specify: "Think children – brights, happy prints, fun".

Well, I happen to know that my partner for the month reads my blog, and so I can't show it to you until she has it in her hands.  But I will give you the same "sneak peek" I'm giving her.

When I know she has the block, I'll show you the whole thing.  Just think of me as the quilter of mystery and intrigue.  A sort of 007 of quilting:  Bond, Jane Bond.  Hm.  I wonder if I can take that "mystery and intrigue" theme any further.  Nah.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kritta22 said...

You are so funny! Bond, James bond!

I love the jelly bean fabric!

I totally had to remake a block also, this month. I miss read the background color. Dang.

Kate said...

Love the jelly beans and both your log cabin blocks. How you keep up with it all (even with our organized board) is beyond me!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love the Skittles fabric you used. Sew cute! I've been cutting for blocks for my son's quilt. I quit for the evening when I found that I'd cut half of the first part backwards. Thank goodness I have tons of this fabric.

Andrea said...

Hey Barbara...
Your original block totally speaks 'girly' to me. I had the best sock monkey when I was a little girl...you know...the original "Sock Monkeys"?...I toted that gal around with me everywhere...
I still remember the day that I got her...she had a cute little yellow striped apron on. When the 'new sock monkeys' arrived a few years ago, I got one, and my Mom was able to mail me that little apron from days gone by...to put on my new sock monkey! Don't ask me how after 6 kids, 20 years in the Air Force and all of those moves she was able to hang onto that little apron! (or find it in 40 years worth of memorabilia from her house! So, I really enjoyed your block and totally think it captured the essence of the theme! Thanks for the smile today!