Design Wall Monday--February 13, 2012

This week I finished up most of my incremental projects for February.  Actually, I've turned pretty much all of my projects into incremental projects.  I find that if I set monthly goals for myself, I can take on more projects and keep everything moving toward completion. 

This week, I finished the February block for the Day in the Life of Mr. Bear quilt:

and yesterday, I added the sashing to the block and then sewed together the completed blocks.  I still have the three bottom row blocks to work on, and I'll be ready to finish this one up.

I'm doing a block a month on the Mr. Bear quilt.  Also, I'm doing a block design per month on this Plain and Simple Amish sampler.  This month's block design was the nine patch.  Next month it will be the nine patch set on point.

The Sunshine on My Shoulders quilt is completely finished now.  This was Judy's Peaches & Dreams pattern, although my quilt turned out looking quite different from hers.  Here it is front and back.

And I thought I needed another orange quilt to work on, so I started on this stadium quilt for Erik and Mae (my son and daughter-in-law).  It's for them to take to Oregon State football games this fall.  We had breakfast with them this morning, and I let them know I was making it for them.  They told me I could set up a business making stadium quilts for all of their friends since it is very cold at the football games.  I have this top about half done now.

I have all of the blocks taken apart for my Mother Goose baby quilt now.  Next I'll be repairing the embroidery on some of the blocks and then squaring and trimming them.  Then I'll be ready to start sewing it back together.  I'm anxious to see how it's going to look when it's all put together.

Finally, I finished the February block for the Promises and Borders quilt along.  This one turned out so delicate and pretty.

And darned if I didn't cut this one with the embroidery off center again!  There must be something wrong with my rotary cutter . . . or my ruler . . . or my cutting mat.  It couldn't possibly be my eyes could it?  Or my glasses?  Maybe it's my glasses.  Or me???  Perish the thought.  In any case, one of the suggestions about dealing with the first block, which is also cut off center, was to cut them all off center and consider it design license.  Okay!  That's what I've decided!  How easy was that?

Speaking of the first block, so chic in its off-centeredness, I took it out and again considered redoing the lettering. 

Taking a fresh look at it, I decided it was okay as it is.  I'm going to leave it alone for now.  I can always decide to add an embroidered flower on the right side later if it seems too far off-center.  For now, I'm thinking it's okay.  While I strive to do my best work, I don't ruin quilting for myself by insisting on perfection.  I'm satisfied that this one is perfect in its imperfection . . . unless I change my mind.  And I can do that too!  In my sewing room, I am the boss.  It is the one place in life where I am Queen of the World.

My goals for next week are to complete the February Free Motion Quilting Challenge, and then quilt the two doll quilts that I have waiting in the wings.  After that I have some new projects up my sleeve.  One of them required a specialty ruler and a book with a technique that's new to me called square within a square.  I'm going to be interested to see how that works out.  I've watched a few videos about it and it looks pretty easy and straightforward.  I hate buying another ruler, but I haven't purchased any new notions for quite some time.  I figure I can spring for one every now and again. 

The other new project I'd like to start is the doll quilt for my friend's granddaughter, Irish.  I'm planning to do a Double Irish Chain for her and I'll be using these fabrics.

I just love that I was able to find this "Irish" fabric for Irish's quilt.  Now that I have the fabrics picked out, I'm excited to get started.  First things first, however.  I need to quilt the doll quilts I already have before starting a new one.  Uncharacteristically disciplined of me, don't you think?

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9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Mhairi said...

Years ago I picked up some fabric in Australia with Humpty Dumpty and other nursery rhyme characters on it. If you could find something like this I think it would look wonderful for your Grandmother Goose quilt.
Can't wait to see the close ups of the before and after of the blocks.

LynCC said...

How fun for Irish's quilt! Barbara, Mr. Bear is looking so good. :D

Denise :) said...

So (*sew*) many things to comment on; where do I start?!? I love your redwork and the pieced setting you're placing it in! An Amish-based quilt should be on my NewFO list. I've always been fascinated by things Amish. I should follow your example and work up an Alabama quilt! Your Promises and Borders pieces look lovely and I'm glad you're keeping consistent with the off-centeredness! The trick will be seeing if you can purposefully recreate it in block three!! Have fun with the Irish quilt -- the clover print is quite darling!! :)

Hilachas said...

Wow! Yo do keep busy. How do you manage to get so much done. All of your work is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

WoolenSails said...

You really get a lot done in a week and such beautiful projects. The stitchery is just so cute.


Snoodles said...

I am in awe of that discipline! LOL You have much on your agenda...all of your projects look great. Whenever I get grumpy and want to whine about all I need to do, you write a post like this, and I get a swift kick in the pants to get to work! Heehee!

Kate said...

Love the Mr. Bear blocks, that is going to be such a sweet quilt when it's done.

The Promises and Borders blocks look good, even off center. They do balance each other out.

All of your projects are looking great.

Susan said...

If all of them are off-center, you could meander a feather stitch over the quilt top, going through those blank areas. It could wind up being something that ties all the designs together and makes yours unique. Just a thought. I really think it will be okay to just leave them all off-center, though. =)

You're getting a lot finished with your plan.

Heather said...

Wow... you have been busy! The Mr. Bear quilt is going to be absolutely adorable. And as for your delightfully uncentered blocks, I think they're great! Way to keep the fun in quilting! I love all of your works in progress. :o)