Good Omen for the New Year

Please bear with me while I digress.

FabShop Hop
Do you ever participate in the fabshophops?  I do every now and then.  Spending time on the computer isn't my favorite thing to do, however.  Sewing is far preferable.  Still, today we're sort of waiting to see if the weather will clear off.  If it does, we'll go out for a drive.  (I'm still waiting for some sunny weather so that I can try out the new camera Santa Paws brought me.)  I figured it was a good time to spend some time s/hopping (because, as you are well aware, I need LOTS of new fabric).  I kind of like the quilt they've put up as this month's enticement:
It's called "Close to my Heart".  I might like to do it in blue since my blue scraps are beyond flooding the sewing room and starting to spill out into the family room.  Or maybe pink and blue.  Hm.  Because what I really need are more patterns.  Five huge notebooks full, a shelf full of magazines and books, and a cabinet full of individual patterns just don't give me a large enough selection.  I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.
Anyway . . . really, I am getting to the good omen part.  Usually I get bogged down and frustrated looking for the blocks in the fabshophop.  I have enough patience to gird the loins of a gnat, and even though I have a full month to find the blocks, I want to find all of them RIGHT NOW!

Good omen directly ahead:  Well, guess what?  I found all 13 blocks in 22 clicks!  I'm sure that must be a new world record.  I'm getting the Guinness people on the phone right now.  Because I'm determined to get into that book somehow before I die.  (Maybe there's a category for the most failed attempts to get into the book.  What do you think?)

In any case, that isn't the only good omen for the new year.  Now get this:

Erik and Mae gave me a really nice, high quality, omelette/egg poaching pan for Christmas.  I decided it was a good time to start a new tradition of Eggs Benedict on New Year's Day.  Because surely there is no better way to begin my New Year's resolution to lose weight than with a big plate of Eggs Benedict!  Am I right about that?  (I knew you would agree with me.)

(As an aside, this reminds me that I need new bras in the new year too . . . but that's a different post.)

Anyway.  Here's the 2nd part of my good omen, and there are actually several good omens involved in this one Eggs Benedict good omen moment.  (Cool!  "Omen" is actually contained in the word, "Moment"!  Now that's gotta mean something.  Or maybe I can just make up a new word:  Omenoment.  Not bad, eh?)

First:  It takes four egg yolks to make Hollandaise Sauce.  So, I broke four eggs and got four intact yolks.  Now how often does that happen?  Never.  Not to me.  So I was jazzed enough about that.  Then, I needed four eggs (preferably intact) to make four poached eggs for two plates of Eggs Benedict.  So I broke four eggs and every one was intact!  That's eight eggs . . . eight intact yolks.  Now I just have to believe that is some kind of world record.  I'm writing this down so that I can remember to call the Guinness people tomorrow.  (They already hung up on my daily phone call.)

And that brings me to my final good omen moment relating to the Eggs Benedict, which is this:  Even though I forgot to spray no stick in my new egg poaching pan, every egg released with no problem.  Now if that isn't a good omen, I don't know what is.

Care to give me a high five?  My hand is up.  High five away!  Here's my wish for you in 2012:

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Diane Wild said...

You just crack me up. Oh, I made an egg yolk (I mean joke). Have a great day.

Jennifer Gail said...

Here's another one for ya. You're one follower away from 400:) Happy New Year

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love that quilt and how wonderful you found all the patterns for the blocks. I like the idea of a pink/blue mix. And yes, I noticed too that you are close to that 400.

Sandi P said...

High Five-ing you now. Actually, I've never eaten or prepared Eggs Benedict, but I can be happy for you.
Wow! 400 followers - another High Five! I was excited to see that I now have 5. Of course, my blog is only 3 days old, so maybe that's a record. Could you ask the Guinness people if they answer your call tomorrow - LOL.

Marj said...

I'm singing up to be your 400th follower! I also have a question about the 2012 NewFO Challenge.
Can anyone join, even if they have lots of UFOs, but start many new projects every year also? My feelings won't be hurt if you tell me no.
Love your sense of humor and your cats.

Mrs.Pickles said...

You should be getting a call from the Guinness people any now! If for nothing else for having a bunch of people virtualy high 5 you!

Kate said...

Oooh, I like "Close to my Heart", but like you I need a new pattern like a hole in the head.

Glad that today has been filled with good stuff.

@pril said...

I too thought about boobs! Funny.


Raelene said...

High 5.
My eggs always stay together like this. A sign of FRESH eggs. I get fresh eggs from my chook pen every morning.