Design Wall Monday--January 23, 2012

It's hard to believe that we are approaching the end of January already.  Time sure does fly.  The older I get, the faster it seems to go. 

This week, I finished the quilt top for the second of five doll quilts I'm making for my friend Lisa's granddaughters.  This one is for Miss Kylee, who likes horses and the color blue.  I'm calling this one "Pretty Little Ponies".  It still needs to be quilted, but I'm letting it ripen in my mind a little before I tackle that.

I'll be starting the next one for Camlyn pretty soon.  I'm waiting on some fabric I ordered, but I've selected the pattern.  This is what Lisa told me about Camlyn:

Camlyn is all about being a pink princess and doesn't show much sign of changing that part of her personality. She loves shiny (certainly beads, buttons and crystals!), luminescent, and soft-feeling textures, along with PINK!

I found this pattern online at Free Quilt Patterns.  I'm planning to use the pattern from the grass on up, and leave off the "Daddy's Little Pricess" part.  (I'm sure Camlyn is her daddy's little princess, but most of the time, I don't like words on quilts.)  I found some very cute fabrics for this quilt at Fabric.com.

When they arrive, I'll be ready to start.  I'll probably use metallic threads to quilt it, and I'll add some hot fix crystals to the crowns to "bling" it up for Camlyn.  I might decide to use some flannel on the back too.  It's still in the planning stage.

Also this week, I finished the next set of blocks for the Just Takes 2 quilt:

Also, I put the sashings on Block 5 of A Day in the Life of Mr. Bear,

and I finished the embroidery on Block 1 of the Promises and Borders BOM.

That brings me to the end of all the January blocks, swaps, and doll quilts.  The next thing I want to work on is the Home is Where the Heart is quilt.  This quilt has been in the works for so long it isn't even funny.  All the blocks are finished, but I still need to top-stitch the fusible applique on the last three blocks.  The next one I'm working on is this October block.

I've vowed to have this quilt finished no later than June, and preferably before.  My goal is to finish top-stitching a block per month, and then start on the borders.  One of the borders is a log cabin and that will take some time.  Still, June is a generous time frame, and so I'm hoping to have it finished by then.  If not . . . I might have to take drastic measures of some kind.  (Still plotting what that might be.)

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12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Becky~ said...

Gorgeous! The day in the life of Mr. Bear is soo cute.Thanks for sharing and happy monday!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh my! You've been very busy this week! I love the fabrics for the "princess" quilt! The castles in the pink fabric are wonderful - she'll love it! I also love your stitcheries... I still have work to do on my B&P, but I'm sure I'll get it done at retreat this week =^..^=

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, love the ponies, and the princess quilt is cute - love the pink castle fabric. Oh, Mr. Bear stitcheries are just too much, and love the fabrics setting the blocks. THis is going to be a spectacular quilt.

Sue Daurio said...

My goodness you have been one busy little quilter. Ok those ponies are just way too cute. And the princess doll quilt, goodness, those are adorable!!

LynCC said...

I just love the swing stitchery. :) And that princess quilt is going to be fabulous!

Snoodles said...

All of these are wonderful - I especially like the border on the Mr. Bear block. I think it sets it off so nicely. I was thinking about adding the Promises quilt to my list....where do I find that? Also, how do you, personally, do the tracing? I know there are videos out there, etc but I'd like to know how you do it, cos you get really nice results!

Denise :) said...

Oh! Your ponies piece is just darling ... she will love it for sure! Your Just Takes 2 pieces are looking terrific, too. And I love your little autumn piece, as well!! :)

WoolenSails said...

You really have been quilting a lot of beautiful things lately, love the quilt and the fabric you choose, she will love that.


Cathy Tomm said...

I love the little pony quilt. I love horses too. Your it takes two looks good. I have considered doing that one but do not have enough of fabric to do it. While I have white just need a colour.

Kate said...

Love the Pretty Ponies and your idea for Camlyn's doll quilt. Good luck on the Home Where the Heart Is. I'd hate to see you take drastic measures!

Amy said...

You are hard at it! All very nice projects. I especially like the ponies.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Where did you get the Block 1 of the Promises and Borders BOM.? I am looking for something like the frame (with different words) for my mothers upcoming wedding.