Stash Report: Week 52

Merry Christmas, everyone!  We pretty much finish up our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve.  Today, we're just taking it easy and trying to right the house after it was destroyed by flying wrapping paper and bows last night.

Actually, it's not that bad.  Everyone chipped in and helped clean up last night, so there wasn't a lot to do this morning.  Nevertheless, it always takes me about four days to get back to normal after spending the entire day cooking on Christmas Eve.  It was well worth the effort, however.  Dinner was delicious.  Mae helped out by bringing a salad and dessert, which meant I could make up a few dishes we hadn't tried before.  I tried the Pioneer Woman's Burgundy Mushrooms and they were scrumptious!  I highly recommend them.

So what's the damage on my stash report?  With my sewing machine in the shop for most of the past two weeks, I haven't done much sewing.  Any fabric I used was given away, not used in any projects.  Now that my sewing machine is home again, I'll be sewing like crazy to make up for lost time ("crazy" being operative word in that sentence).

Fabric used this week:  1/2 yard
Total fabric used to date: 134 yards

Fabric purchased this week: Zero yards
Fabric purchased year to date: 150 yards

Net purchased this year: 16 yards

And that is my total for the year.  While I finished the year in the plus column, I'm happy it wasn't much worse given that I spent the first three months of the year on a fabric buying spree while we were on our snowbird rainbird trip.  No traveling for us this winter since Mike will be working (assuming he finds a job).  I'm hoping to finish up next year in the minus column.

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4 comments from clever and witty friends:

ANudge said...

Not bad at all Barbara! I'm betting you'll make up for it this coming year.

ANudge said...

And I meant to say if you gifted some, you should count it - it's out of your stash, right? So you're probably better off than you thought. Yeah!

Kate said...

You did really well. Using over 130 yards is an achievement you shouldn't overlook.

Kate said...

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!