Foto Finish: Holiday Decor

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Today's Foto Finish theme is "Holiday Decor".  Here's my entry:

Just so you know . . . I had to break out the tripod to capture this one.  And I mightily reject the tripod.  I know if I were a real photographer, I'd use it all the time without fail.  But I've accepted that I'll never be a real photographer, and so I only use it when there's no other way.

This is an ornament that my mother gave us years ago.  It's an elf hanging from a tree limb from a safety rope repairing a broken light with his wrench.  He has more lights in his backpack.  It's such a fun little ornament.  We have to remove one of the lights from the light string and then remember to put it back when we pack things away for the year.  (You know how one light out means the whole string is out?)  There are many "favorite" ornaments on our tree, but this one always brings me memories of my mother and so it is my favorite favorite.  As long as I've broken down and set up the tripod, I think I'll take pictures of some of my other favorites and post them as we go along.

For next week's theme, hm.  Sometimes it's hard to think of something.  I think I'll go with:  Ribbon  Remember that your interpretation of the theme is always completely up to you.

Now I'm ready to see your Holiday Decor.  Here's Mr. Linky:

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7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

I love your little elf repairman! I haven't put up a tree in a very long time and, even though traditional bulbs are lovely, my favorites are the little non-traditional surprises.

Jake said...

I don't put up a tree these days either. But I do still have my ornaments. It was on my to do list to clean them out this week and make sure the special ones get a good home.

Jake said...

Thanks, Barbara for dropping by.
We were in Hawaii on vacation. We spent a few days in Honolulu and then went to the Big Island for the rest of our stay. It really is my favourite island.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Nice theme and a great ornament.

Pat said...

Very cute ornament! The light play in the photo is amazing. Great photo!

Kate said...

That's the fun thing about putting up the tree, is all the memories that come to mind as you hand the ornaments.

It's a beautiful picture, the star lights are gorgeous. Did you use a filter?

Andee said...

I love this little guy and the sweet memories that go with him! My grandmother had a bird in a birdhouse ornament that we loved to turn on as kids and it cheeped REALLY LOUDLY and drove the adults nuts! I wound up with it and it always makes me remember grandma too!