Above the Clouds

The Three Cats Ranch has been shrouded in fog for most of the day.  Occasionally, it brightens up, but that just means the fog is more blinding than usual.  Nevertheless, the clouds parted for a few minutes today, and we went out walking with George.  George is starting to show his years in that he'd just as soon sleep as go out and get some exercise.  Of course, the humans aren't much better.  I'd say that makes us good for one another.  At least one of us usually has the energy, and that gets the rest of us out the door.

We've taken to calling him "Wide Load."  Like the rest of us, he's had a few too many pieces of fudge this season.

And he hates that kissy wissy stuff.  ("Do not do it.  I hate having spit all over my fur unless it's my own.  What if My Evil Nemesis, Uno, is watching?  Huh?  What about that?")

He prefers his other nickname over "Wide Load":

Chief Muddy Foot of the Never Wash Tribe.

With all the flowers and leaves gone from the trees, the only things left to photograph are weeds, mud, and water drops.  Of course, I chose today to take the starburst filter off my lens, but I still liked this one.

My sewing machine is in the shop for another week or so.  Bummer.  It's meant I've done more baking, and my sewing room is organized and vacuumed.  Before I took the machine in, I made the backgrounds for the remaining two blocks of the Home is Where the Heart is quilt, so I can fuse the appliques into place.  I gave up on the idea that I would finish the whole quilt by the end of the year.  I could make excuses . . . like the sewing machine being in the shop . . . but honestly, I just ran out of steam.  I've finished four bed-sized quilts since September, and this one just isn't going to make it.  I'm going to try to have it finished by the end of January instead.  And if it isn't finished in January, then February.  Or March.  Honestly, who cares other than me?

So with that said, I guess I'll go get working on it.  It's a good day to fuse appliques and listen to A Prairie Home Companion on the radio.

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Maria said...

I love George, Indeed he's a chief, my cats will love mud, too, they'll have to wait until I take them to the village.

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing George's walk. It's been too cold and wet to contemplate being outside.