Sunny and Wet

There is fog in the valley, but we are above the clouds. 

On days like this I look out the window and say, "The city of Portland has been abducted by aliens!"

Of course, some days the fog comes right to our windows, and we can't see beyond the glass.  Then I say, "We've been abducted by aliens!"  And who's to say we haven't been?

It was a good opportunity to get out and walk around the perimeter of the property, however, and so we did.  Everything is wet from yesterday's rain.

George doesn't like it.  His furry feet get saturated, and his tongue towel just can't lick fast enough.

With each step, he pauses to shake each foot before setting it down again.  It makes for slow progress.

Some of the leaves are holding on.

Most, however, have given up the fight and are making preparations for warmer weather next spring.

It was about this time that I said out loud, "I need my star burst filter," and then remembered that it was still on the camera from when I was trying to photograph the crystals on my Winter Wonderland quilt.  Strangely, I can't see its effect when I'm looking through the viewfinder.  But when I download the pictures to my computer . . .

I see the magic.  Living in a wet winter climate is not that bad, to echo Garrison Keillor.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

WOW, that filter makes your photos look like magic! What kind of camera do you have? I cannot change the lenses on mine, but I wonder if they have a filter like this for it?
We have snow in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - and its icky cold! I do not mind the snow - but I hate the ice.
Have a great day,

Stray Stitches said...

Fantastic photos!!!!!!! I especially like the first leaf one.
We get that same kind of fog around here, too, usually in January into February. It makes it bitterly cold.

quiltzyx said...


Poor George the wet-foot. What's a superhero to do?

Gorgeous photos.

Linda said...

What a stunning view! What mountain is that in the background? And like one of the above commenters, I want to ask what camera do you have?