Making Progress

Today I added some color to the center applique for the Checkerboard Flowers quilt.  Adding some of the flowers rather than just stems and leaves made it more interesting and enjoyable to work on. 

While it's fairly easy to get the leaves and flower petals placed accurately, the stems were more difficult.  On the pattern, it looks like line after line, and it's hard to tell which is what.  Also, the stems are cut straight and fused curved, and so it's extremely difficult to place them exactly as they are shown on the pattern.  That means I'm having to wing it a little with the flower placement.  For example, the highest blue cornflower is a little farther to the left than it should have been.  For these flowers around the perimeter of the design, it probably won't matter.  It will make a difference in the middle , however, when some of the incomplete pieces (like the leaf you see in the center) will need to be covered over by other pieces.  I'm doing the best I can, and it will have to be good enough one way or another. 

Tomorrow I'll be adding the rest of the little purple bluebells, the cone flowers, the vase, and the leaves for the sunflower.  I'm finding that the daily divisions I've made about placing the pieces are about right in sync with my concentration and patience.  With today's work, I'm about one-third of the way done.

Also today, I finished the last of the bunting pieces for the So Happy Sewalong.  This Friday, we'll be getting the directions for finishing this.  I think this will look cute hanging above our fireplace.

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

The flowers and stems look great. Remembering the galloping horse rule, I think it applies here and not just to piecing.

Kelli said...

Love the snow time stitchery and your flowers look great!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

It all looks fabulous, Barb, ease up on the perfectionist in you; maybe have her for lunch (as the main course, not as a guest !~!)