October Sunshine

It was absolutely dazzling weather today.  Mike and I have been trying to get out and get more exercise.  On these sunny days, we take the opportunity to walk on the road at the top of our mountain, named aptly, Mountain Top Road.  The view is spectacular, if a little smoky today.  People have been burning their yard debris.

We always enjoy seeing the alpacas, who are intensely curious,

and the horses, who couldn't care less that we are there.

I'll bet if we brought some horsey treats, we could lure them over to the fence.

After our walk, I finished sewing all the blocks together for the Sunshine on my Shoulders quilt, appropriately named for the day.  And then, I sewed on the first of eight borders. 

I have fabric for the next border, but then I can't go on until I buy more.  That's the plan for tomorrow.  For now, I've divided up the days left in the month with the parts of the quilt that need completion, and I'm still on schedule to finish it up by the end of the month.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

How was your Tuesday?


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Sleepy day for me. I love to nap any day any time and so today I did exactly that. For many hours...

Yvette said...

WOW! That looks great. I had to work today. :(

free indeed said...

The picture of your valley is so similar to ours...very beautiful. I'm just on the opposite corner of the continent than you.

quiltzyx said...

Glad to hear you could get outside & not get wet!
It was foggy here Tuesday morning - I could only see about 3 car-lengths ahead on my way to the freeway. But, as soon as I got to my onramp - totally clear!
I crocheted a bit on a pot holder, and finally decided what I'm going to do for the GenQ magazine Scrap Splat challenge I'm in.... That needs to be sewn & photographed by next Wednesday! Yikes!!!

Kate said...

Beautiful view! I'm a tad bit jealous. Living in the plains, it's rare that we get to see things from that perspective.

Sunshine on my Shoulders is gorgeous, I love that orange and yellow together.