The Verdict is In

Thanks to all of you who voted and helped me choose which fabric to use for the binding in my Winter Wonderland quilt.  I really could not decide prior to setting up the poll and letting all of you help. 

People had various reasons for voting as they did . . . the polka dots would look good because they were used in the inner border . . . they were playful like the snowmen . . . the blue would make the blue in the quilt "pop" . . . it would give an elegant appearance . . . it would be prettier with the back.  One person suggested white, which I had already considered.  I'm just afraid that would get dirty, and so I had already decided on a darker binding.  In any case, the voting was decisive.

Polka Dots = 33 votes (29%)
Blue Batik = 81 votes (71%)

Okay, so the blue batik it is. 

I'll be sending this quilt off to my quilter next week.  Can't wait to get it back and finish it.  I'm excited to see how those hot fix crystals will look on the snowflakes too.

Thanks again for helping me decide.  You are the best!!!

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

quiltzyx said...

I can't remember which one I voted for, but I do know that I like both of them! lol

Looking forward to seeing it all blinged up!!! :D

Stray Stitches said...

Good choice!!