Sew Tiny

The first of four mini bear paw blocks is finished.  Even with these tiny little pieces, this block went together pretty well.  I was pleasantly surprised, given my less-than-accurate cutting, measuring, and sewing. 

The block is 4 1/4-inches, so 3 3/4-inches finished.  Cute, huh?  This one went together so well that I'm now looking forward to doing the remaining three.  (I was a little worried about it when all I had were little inchy half-square triangles.)

It's hard to say how much sewing I'll get done over the next several days.  My son, Matthew, will be home from college for a week or so, and he's bringing his shiny new girlfriend.  Actually, they've been seeing one another for several months, but only recently began dating officially.  We haven't met her yet, and so we're looking forward to the opportunity.  Matthew just came home from the Burning Man Festival.  He was so excited when we talked to him on the phone a couple of days ago.  I'm anxious to hear all about his experiences there.

So . . . all of that to say that I might take a few days off from blogging.  It all depends on how much time he spends here.  He likes to head into the city to see his friends, and at least one of his friends is getting married tomorrow.  This is my baby we're talking about.  Imagine . . . one of his friends from high school . . . getting married.  Time sure flies by, doesn't it?

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

Stray Stitches said...

Your block is so tiny but so vibrant! I can't wait to see your little quilt.
Have fun with your son and his 'shiny new girlfriend'!

LynCC said...

That is TEENY TINY!! and gorgeous. Hope you're enjoying your time with your son. :D

LethargicLass said...

I knew it was going to look awesome! :)

quiltzyx said...

The block looks great - and about life-size on my laptop! Cool!

Hope you have a good time with Matthew & the SNGF. :D I've heard about the Burning Man, but don't know anyone who's actually been there.

Kate said...

Wow, so very tiny! You did a great job, love the green with the black.

Hope you get to enjoy the week with Matthew. They do grow up fast. Kiddo's just 12 and I'm already dreading the day she goes off to college.