Farmer's Market with the Family

Matthew and his girlfriend, Lisa, are visiting us from Klamath Falls this weekend.  They've been a busy twosome, attending a wedding last night and spending most of the rest of the weekend visiting friends and seeing the sights.  Lisa has not been this far north before, and she's considering applying to a master's program at Portland State University next year.  Matthew has been showing her around town.

We were all able to get together this morning to go to the Farmer's Market, and what a lot of fun that was.  The light was terrible and I was taking pictures with my phone, so I apologize for these not being the best shots.

Here are Matthew and Lisa.  We missed seeing them last night when they were all dolled up for the wedding.

Erik and Mae picked out a personal-sized watermelon.  (I love that watermelons aren't as huge as they used to be.)

Examining tomatoes and peppers.   Mae managed either to have her back turned or to be behind someone in every picture.

What's everybody looking at here?

It's the guy roasting poblano peppers over an open flame. 

Cool dude with shades.

And in the "Keep Portland Weird" category, there was this guy in the "Never, Never" van.  Check out the clown nose on the driver.

We all headed home after that.  I scored some beautiful heirloom tomatoes from Erik and Mae's garden.  Matthew and Lisa moved on to the Portland Saturday Market.  Mike and I came home.  Matthew and Lisa will be with us one more day, and then Lisa has to get back to work in Klamath Falls.  Lisa is a real peach, and we've been happy to have them with us this weekend.

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Anne said...

Love the photos! Sounds like a great way to spend an early fall afternoon! Your sons are quite handsome.

You mentioned Klamath Falls. My great aunt (maternal grandfather's sister) and uncle lived there for many years. My great aunt, Ollie Scroggins, past away in the early 1980s. I'd often see her return address on cards and letters and wonder about the city from which they were sent. I have never visited the Northwest. After my husband retires, we plan to visit many places, and Klamath Falls is on my list.