Wings of Wonder

We were supposed to go to the beach today to ride our ATV's, but then Mike discovered that the ATV's and the trailer we use to haul them both had expired registrations.  So, instead, we used the day to re-register said ATV's and trailer.  Not to waste the day, however, we decided to check out the Wings of Wonder butterfly exhibit down in Buena Vista, Oregon.  We've lived in Oregon since 1978, but this is the first we've heard of Buena Vista, which is in Polk County, south of Independence.

We thoroughly enjoyed the butterfly exhibit.  The pictures I have to show you don't do it justice.  There were lots and lots of butterflies in the shelter, but they were fairly shy about being photographed.  Also, it was terribly hot and humid in the shelter, necessarily limiting one's desire to stay very long.  Nevertheless, I got these beauties:

Even if there had been no butterflies, it would have been worth the trip just to see the flowers and plants designed to attract butterflies and keep them happy.

These two seem to enjoy their environment well enough.  Butterfly love.

I haven't done much sewing this week.  The weather has been truly marvelous.  I know some of you are sweltering in hot temperatures, but this is just about the best time of year in Oregon.  Our rainy season is long, and our summers are short, so we suck it up while we can.  We've been doing a lot of yard work and spending quite a bit of time outside.

Poor George had a terrible day on Tuesday.  He had to have his teeth cleaned, but his choppers are positively gleaming now.  He had some worrisome results with his labs, however, and we're trying to find out if it's just a side effect of his medicine or something more serious.  For now, he seems fine, although his feelings are hurt at being stuffed in a box and left with strangers all day . . . strangers with needles and tubes, and apparently, no food.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful place to spend the day. I have a photo of the big moth with the spot. We got a bench from my sister and it had a cocoon on it, I thought it was an old one. One day I went in the basement and there was this beautiful moth. I took him outside and set him free. Never knew a moth could be so beautiful.


Kate said...

Beautiful photos! Hope George gets back to normal.

Becky~ said...

Beautiful pics,thanks for sharing!

quiltzyx said...

That surely looks like a lovely place to spend at least a part of the day. Beautiful butterflies & flowers.

I hope everything is OK with George, especially now that he has those gorgeous choppers!

Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos! What a wonderful place to spend some time.
Poor George :( I hope he has forgiven you by now.

PDXPam said...

Thanks for sharing this, I've lived in OR my whole life and while I've heard of Buena Vista, I didn't know about this exhibit.