Garden Macro

Today while I was watering the flower pots, the light was especially enticing.  I found myself doing more shooting than watering.  Here's what I saw:

Straw Flower

Bumble Bee on a Straw Flower

Purple Daisies


Cool Spider Web



Green Tomatoes



Dianthus (or Sweet Williams, if you prefer, and I do)

Ladybug on Queen Anne's Lace

Feather (Somebody might be looking for this.)

Dandelion seed head

Pretty LPW Plant (LPW = Little Pink Weed)

Propeller Daisies (at least, that's the name I've given them)

Japanese Maple Tree trunk

Be thankful I didn't post all the pictures I took.  This post would set a world record for length. 

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Barb said...

Oh, I love all of your pictures! They are absolutely beautiful--partial to the cat!

Anonymous said...

Those are African daisies, I think. Aren't they cute? We have straw flowers, too, and they are the neatest things. Sharon

quiltzyx said...

I love looking at your pictures ~ wouldn't bother me at all if the post was the world's longest!!

(I think "Cat" should have been right under the catnip....)

Kate said...

Beautiful photos. I love flower photos. It's been too dry here to have many flowers alive which are worth taking pictures of. Thanks for sharing.