Back from Camping

 Our friends, Greg and Jan, have about ten acres of property along the Nehalem River heading out toward the Oregon coast.  I've written about their place before.  Originally, it was almost completely covered in dense blackberry vines.  Greg and Jan (but especially Greg) have worked very hard clearing the brush from their land and loving it into its current garden-like appearance.  Each year, they have a get-together, and a crowd descends on them for the weekend.  A lot of people sleep on air mattresses, in tents, and in the backs of their cars.  Not everyone stays the whole weekend.  There's plenty of room for us to pull our trailer out and spend the weekend there.  However one chooses to spend their time, the food and the company are always excellent, and it's a relaxing way to spend the weekend.

Our weather was perfect.  In fact, we had our first 90°-plus day in nearly a full year.  I know that's probably impossible for some of you to believe (especially those of you in the scorching heat), and so I'm including the link about our weather this summer.  It really has been that cool . . . it isn't just my imagination.

George and Gracie had a new "Catio" for this trip, but they were so mad about being locked in the trailer in such beautiful weather, that they refused to use it.  Besides . . . there were lots of big dogs barking and running around, and cats do not consort with stupid dogs.  Here's their new catio:

(Um, do you think our cats are spoiled?)  Here's how it looks from the inside.

It needs a quilt, don't you think?  George was brave enough to put his front feet onto the bottom platform, but that was all he was willing to do.  He preferred, instead, his usual spot behind the TV.  (We like to rough it when we go camping).

And in the evening, he and Gracie snuggled together.

They're glad we're home now and away from the noise, strangers, and dogs.  Cats are very particular people.

Aside from visiting, eating, yakking, and enjoying the weather, I was able to get some of the embroidery done on my newest stitchery.  Also, I took the opportunity to wander around their place snapping images of things that looked interesting to me.  The blooming grass always captures my attention:

Jan has a beautiful flower garden, and the morning moisture always looks enchanting to me:

There are other interesting things to be seen as a reward for wandering around and seeking them out.

In the evening, we sat around their huge fire pit and enjoyed the dark night sky.  We even caught the International Space Station as it passed over head.  Mike was excited because he used one of his iPhone apps to predict when it would come around again.  (Did you know it orbits the earth more than 15 times per day?)  Then, right on the tick of the clock, there it was again!  What can I say?  He's hopelessly lost in geekdom.

It was a lovely and relaxing weekend.  Now I'm just itching to get at my sewing machine.

6 comments from clever and witty friends:

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

ha,ha love the Catio!!

Connie said...

I've never seen a Catio but that sure looks neat! Beautiful photos of the flowers and scenery, sounds like you had a great time.

Kate said...

Beautiful photos! Sorry George and Gracie didn't enjoy the weekend as much as you did.

Snoodles said...

Well, they're so cute you just have to spoil 'em! Love their catio!
Barbara, your photos are awesome, as always. These are the kind of shots I wish I could take! I love those grasses....what variety is the second to last picture?

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Great weekend, best to come home tho—I know that feeling, too. Lovely photos you take, my dear. I get the urge to scratch George behind the ears when I see him looking so complacent.

quiltzyx said...

I've never seen a catio before! I hope they eventually consent to try it out.

Great photos, as usual! I love the grass with the cobalt blue in the background. And the morning dew. And...and...and. Well, you know I love them all really.

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