Worry Wart

It's a dangerous world out there, I'll tell you.  Recently my son, Matthew, posted this article on his Facebook page.

Report: Life Put In Hands Of 2,000 Complete Strangers Every Single Day

There's a quiz you can take at the bottom of the article to find out how many complete strangers you entrust with your own safety every day.  I took the quiz and found out that I hand off my safety to a whopping 2,932 people every single day!

I'm trying to get George excited about this.  This is his response:

(What does he know?  He stayed out too late chasing mousies last night.)

Just this morning I was reading about Carmageddon in the New York Times.  They're going to shut down 11 miles of Interstate 405 in Los Angeles next weekend and predictions are that the world as we know it is about to end.  While I live significantly north of Los Angeles (Portland, to be exact), we do have a stretch of Interstate 405 running right through Portland.  Do you think the back-up will extend that far?  I've resolved to stay home, just . . . in . . . case.

Listen.  I used to work in an emergency room.  I know from experience that the slightest misstep can have catastrophic consequences.  That's why I've always exhorted my children to wear your helmet, even if they're just walking down the street.  Even if they're in their own bedrooms.  Even if they're asleep!  One can never be too safe.  This is the birthday card I sent to Matthew this year for his 27th birthday.

Inside it said, "Age has its advantages."  But now I'm not so sure.

Just as I sat down to write this blog post, I noticed this:

Okay.  I'll bite, I thought.  And this is what I found:

Holy Sh*t! 

I'm telling you.  Danger lurks around every corner, and under every keyboard.  Maybe I'd better stay out of the kitchen today.  Maybe I'd better not go near my sewing machine.  Or any needles either.

Now.  Where did I put my helmet?


Lynette said...

hehehehehe :D Thanks for all the laughs!! Wow - having lived in the LA region and learned to drive on that nasty interstate system (ok, 30 years ago) - I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when they shut 405 down. You're talking 12 lanes!!! And they're *always* bumper-to-bumper traffic. . . Where is that all supposed to filter to?? Maybe you're smart to stay home even up in Portland. ;D

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Don't forget the shin guards, shoulder pads, elbow pads, etc. ; )

Kate said...

I love this post! Kiddo refers to My Guy as "The Safety Dude". Her constand compliant is that her Dad cares not at all about her fun, but only that she stay safe. It's a bit of an exageration, but not by much!

D. Leigh said...

What a great way to end my day! This was a run read! Thanks! (Now I will wonder about those two stairs leading out of the livingroom. And turning the corner into the hall that invaribly one of the Pugs will race around at that percise moment. Then there is getting ready for bed .... you know, balancing on one foot getting out of pants. And what if I miscalculate the edge of the bed! Oh goodness! I'm doomed LOL)

quiltzyx said...

Thanks for the chuckles!!!

OOOOOOoooh my, the dreaded 405 shut-down. I live east of the 405 & they have signs on the EASTbound lanes of the I-10 about the closure. In fact, they have light up signs 125 miles SOUTH of the 405 with warnings!!! AND it will be closed on a WEEKEND.
At one of my friend's work, one of the employees was totally wigged out about it, because she only knows one way to get to work. Then someone pointed out to her that she doesn't even drive on the 405 to get there. (Here's your sign!)


But I checked under my laptop, and there are no warnings on there, so I'm safe for tonight. I must be sure to check my work keyboard tomorrow too. Just in case.

LethargicLass said...

what a great post :) And I LOVE the card!

Dana Gaffney said...

OMG, don't forget your safety glasses!