Foto Finish--Summer Fun

This week's Foto Finish theme is:  Summer Fun

Here's my entry:

This is Erik wake boarding on the Willamette River two summers ago.  We bought our first boat when the kids were little.  We've had so much fun as a family boating and camping over the years.  I can remember when the kids were first learning to get up on the wake board, and now they do it like pros.  I've never cared much for wake boarding myself, but I love watching them do it and fulfilling my duties as the family photographer. 

Mike's current job will be ending this week.  (He's semi-retired and only works temporary contract jobs at this point in his career.)  He's planning to take the rest of the summer off.  We're itching to get out on the river for the first time this summer. . . maybe next week!

Next week's Foto Finish theme will be:  Things that Fly

Now I'm ready for your "Summer Fun" images.  Here's Mr. Linky:

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Kate said...

Looks like fun. It's been so hot here that wet and cool is a very desirable state if you are outside.

Lynette said...

What a cutie in the balloons! We are blessed with the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen - the sand is white and silky soft. It doesn't burn your feet like tan sand. It's also apparently irresistible for young adults to bury each other in it. . . Haha!! (I just love how they thought to put the umbrella over him to protect his fair redness from the sun.) lolol

Lynette said...

Oops - I guess I messed up the linking. Sorry about that! Well, the sailboat was what you saw when you looked up :D

Pat said...

That water looks cool and refreshing. I'd like to be there right about now. Great shot!

Maree said...

I only tried to waterski once many years ago. I didn't manage to stand up and momentarily forgot to let go of rope when I fell down. Not a great introduction to waterskiing and I have never had the opportunity to try again.

quiltzyx said...

It would be such a great day to be out on the water today!
I've never been on a wakeboard, but I did learn to waterski one summer. What a blast!!!

I haven't found a shot yet, but I'm going to BBQ this evening, so maybe I'll have something BRAND new when I get back. :D