Fast Finish!

Whew!  Too bad fast sewing doesn't burn more calories than it does.  I started my "Dave's Not Here" quilt on July 16th, and today, I finished it.  That's 10 days!  Yesterday, I sewed the leaf border around the outside.

Today, I pieced together the back.

I didn't spread this out all the way, but you get the idea.  When I chose this pattern, I wanted something that would show off the large scale leaf print.  Then, when I started doing the cutting, I realized the background was all cut into strips 2.5 inches wide.  It still shows it off pretty well, but I wanted to keep the pieces on the back large so there could be no mistake what it is.

I'm happy to have used all of the leaf print and all of the brick red solid.  I'm especially glad about the brick red, which I purchased as a back for a quilt I made for my son, Matthew.  Then, Matthew informed me he wanted a different color quilt.  (In fairness, he didn't know I had purchased the brick red.)  So then, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with five yards of solid brick red.  I tried selling it, but no takers.  You can see why I'm happy to have been able to use all of it up.  I'll use it for the binding too.

I had hoped to use all of the fabrics from the front in the back, but it became clear as I did the math that I wouldn't have enough.  That meant purchasing the green yesterday, but I managed to use almost all of that too.  If it weren't for the remnants I grabbed out of the remnant bin at the quilt shop, I might have had a net decrease in my stash report.  As it is, I have a slight increase.  Oh well, the week isn't over.  It's hard to resist those remnants when they are 25% off.

So that's it for sewing today.  I might not sew tomorrow either.  I've spent nearly all my free time on this quilt trying to get it to my quilter as quickly as possible.  I'll meet up with her tomorrow, and she's promised to have it back to me no later than the 15th.  I want to give it to our friend on the 20th.  That should give me plenty of time to bind it. 

Now . . . I think I'll take a nap.  Sewing fast is tiring work.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

It turned out great and that was fast! I think that nap sounds well deserved!

free indeed said...

Great job! I love the boxed colors; they go so well with pulling out the colors of the background fabric. Good choices. Nice pattern too.

quiltzyx said...

Hope you had a good nap! lol
You deserved after the speedy finish on this one. :D

Kate said...

Glad you got it finished. I love the colors. It's so cool that you were able to use up fabric that you ended up not using for another project.