Design Wall Monday--June 13, 2011

I completed four more blocks for my Peaches & Dreams quilt.  At least that's what Judy calls it.  I think I'm going to end up calling my version "Sunrise, Sunset," or maybe "Tequila Sunrise."  Something like that.  I have ten blocks completed now--enough for two rows.

I need twenty blocks more, and then I'll need to make the borders too.  This is a scrappy quilt, and so each strip is cut individually.  The blocks are simple to make, but they take a long time to cut.  I was only making two blocks at a time, but now I'm going to start making a row at a time; otherwise, I'll never get it finished.

Then, I completed the top for my handmade gift exchange gift.  As I've said before, I'm keeping it a surprise for my gift exchange partner.  You can only see small pieces of it.  I'll reveal the entire gift by next week after I've mailed it off to South Africa.  For now . . . what do you think it is?

I still need to do a little more on it, but that won't take me very long. 

My next project is to work on some of my embroidery.  We're moving half way into the month, and so I need to get two stars and a stitchery made.  In addition to quilting and binding my handmade gift, I think I'll focus on my UFO Challenge this week.

4 comments from clever and witty friends:

Snoodles said...

Is it one of the lizards that they call a "Goanna"? I love the bold colors...can't wait to see the big finish!
Jacque in SC

Kate said...

The Peaches and Cream quilt is beautiful. I love the bold yellow and oranges. Very happy.

Still no clue on your mystery quilt. The parts you've shown look good.

AnnieO said...

Reading Tequila Sunrise made the Eagles song pop into my head :) The blocks look great.

Nina-Marie said...

Ohhh love orange and yellow and then putting them together really makes for a big splash of color - lovely!