Another Checkerboard Block

I completed the "Autumn Joy" block today.  This is the 10th of 13 blocks needed to finish the "Checkerboard Flowers" quilt.  I have two more in my possession.  The 13th block is larger than the rest and goes in the middle of the quilt like a panel.  Each block takes approximately a full day or two to finish, and so the last of these will probably take a little longer.  I'll still need to make some more of the checkerboard strips when the blocks are stitched together.

I'm happy with my progress on this quilt.  I have several projects in which I'm coming down to the wire.  It's hard to envision my sewing life once these block of the month quilts are all complete!

5 comments from clever and witty friends:

rubyslipperz said...

FUN!! ...lots of time, but, looks worth it!


quiltzyx said...

I've never made a multicolored checkerboard - only 2 colors, strip pieced. Yours looks terrific!

LethargicLass said...

I think this quilt should go on your guest bed so when all your blog friends visit they can use it LOL!

Kate said...

Beautiful block Barbara! Love the colors.

I usually pretty much jump into a new BOM once I finish an older one.

LynCC said...

Wow - that's gorgeous! Welcome to the BOMs Away "party"!