Whole-ly Too Expensive Foods

If you love shopping at Whole Foods, you should probably leave the room right now.  I'll give you a few seconds.  (Commencing whistling while I wait.)  Okay, if you're still here, allow me to go on.

Shopping at Whole Foods generally goes against my grain, even though I went there this morning specifically in search of a grain:  farro.  It's the only place I've seen it, but I will admit I haven't looked beyond my usual grocery store.  Grocery shopping isn't on my list of beloved things to do, and so I try to spend as little time doing it as possible.  (Sadly, being someone who loves to cook means I have to do it more often than I would like.)  Whenever I go into Whole Foods, I marvel at the seemingly unlimited--but at the same time, rather limited--choices.  If you're looking for fresh seafood or fresh produce and you need something unusual, or especially tasty, it's a good place to look.  For everything else, I question the sanity of my fellow shoppers.  I once saw a woman in line ahead of me spend nearly $9.00 on a small bottle of hand soap.

I'm all for "healthy," "natural," and "organic" choices, and all the other words that jump off the shelves at me when I walk the aisles there.  But really.  Does virtually everything have to be outlandishly expensive?  Do I have to spend a fortune on a brand I've never seen before just because its packaging proclaims it to be healthy?  After all, Swanson's makes "organic" chicken broth.  Can I find anything made by Swanson?  No.  It means that I have to go someplace else to purchase the products reserved for the cheapskates among us.  So I did my grocery shopping split between two stores this morning.  And that just made it doubly unpleasant.  Grocery shopping.  Bleck. 

I did get my farro, however, as well as some nice globe artichokes.  Can testing recipes be far behind?

(Incidentally, you can find the definition of "bleck"--a word I thought I made up just now--in the Urban Dictionary.)

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quiltzyx said...

I've never been to Whole Foods. I'm actually not sure where one is - maybe Pasadena. But I've always figured it must be expensive, since I first heard of it when Martha Stewart talked about it! lol
OK, I just looked up Farro - and I see they sell it on amazon.com! I'll have to keep my eye out for it around here.
YUMMMMMM - I LOVE artichokes. I had a couple nice ones last week - they were my dinner on 2 nights!

Jo said...

I'm with you on grocery shopping! It is right up there on my list of the 5 most unplesent thing that you have to do in life! I have been to Whole Foods(once) and agree about the prices, however everytime I go to any grocery store lately I go into sticker shock! What exactly is it they are feeding cows lately that is making the price of beef so high? I know that it is normal for prices to rise bit it has gotten so out of control lately! I am glad I am no longer feeding teenage boys, and wonder how people with 2, 3, 4, or more children are feeding them.

rubyslipperz said...

I make up words too...well, I did think you made up "bleck" until you proved me wrong! =P

I don't really like grocery shopping either. If there was a good quality fabric shop inside...alongside the groceries...I'd probably like it much better.


Kate said...

We shop Whole Foods for special occassion stuff and if we want seafood. It's hard to get good fresh seafood in Okahoma (no handy coasts). But it is expensive for other stuff.

I'm with you on the grocery shopping. My Guy does most of ours, thanfully.

Pat V. said...

My adult son says, as a general rule of thumb, he cannot afford to shop anywhere that has a philosophy.