Book Review: Design Magic

I ordered this book the other day after experimenting with Shiva Paintstiks for the first time.  It's a fine book as far as it goes.  I'm a little disappointed with it, however, because it only covers stenciling.  There are several projects in the back, and it also includes a plastic stencil.  There are other ways to use this medium, however, and so it's too bad the author doesn't discuss other options. 

It covers the ins and outs of how they work.  For example, it's necessary to rub off the seal that forms on the oil paints before you'll be able to mark with them, and it's necessary to set the color with heat.  She covers those basics.  I was hoping for something a little more more comprehensive.  Chalk it up to the dangers of purchasing a book online without first flipping through it.

If you're interested in using Shiva Paintstiks and don't know the first thing about them, you might enjoy what the book has to offer.  As a comprehensive guide to learning the range of options available with Shiva Paintstiks, you'll need to look further.  Oh well.  It was on close-out, and I got a good price.

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sophie said...

I don't own her Inspirations DVD, but took a workshop with Laura Murray who covers a lot of techniques for using paintstiks. I have a project in mind for a guild challenge for which I plan to pull out my paintstiks and play.