The Weenie Award

My friend, Sue, and I walk most Friday mornings.  Living in Portland, that means we often walk in the rain.   Given how many days out of the year it rains in Portland, we've been pretty darned lucky that way.  Nevertheless, we have walked in the rain often enough.  We usually walk the Fanno Creek Trail, but sometimes she comes out where I live and we walk on Chehalem Mountain

It's no secret that it rains a lot in the Portland area.  We Portlanders have learned to live with it.  But Portland at its worst can mean rain that blows sideways.  Literally.  Forget trying to stay dry with an umbrella.  It will do you no good.  One week when Sue and I walked on the top of Chehalem Mountain it was raining sideways.  Ordinarily, we are troopers, and this day was no exception.  But when I woke up the following Friday and it was raining sideways yet again, I called her and canceled.  She rewarded me with the "Weenie Award" you see above.  That was about a year ago.

Last week, Sue was the one to weenie out.  In her defense, she had a cold.  But she also whined about the rain that day.  So . . . I did what a BFF would do and presented her with the Weenie Award this morning.  What started as a Weenie Award, is now a perpetual trophy.  I suspect we'll hand it back and forth to one another as our weenie excuses come up.

Sue, you know I love you.  In addition to being my BFF, you are also a weenie, weenie, weenie!

2 comments from clever and witty friends:

Stray Stitches said...

How fun! What could be better than friends sharing a Weenie Award - lol!!
I would love some of your sideways rain down here in central California. I'm jealous!

Kathy said...

That is such a cute story. I guess you'll both be passing the award back and forth over the next few years. Have a Happy Easter.