Shining your Sink Nixed!

If you've been following my cleaning and decluttering posts, you'll know that I've been following Fly Lady's website as a way to organize and motivate myself.  But thus far, I've refused to shine my sink, as she has insisted is necessary.  Imagine my bout of the giggles when I read this on her newsletter this morning:

One of the most asked questions from all of you is "Why do I have to shine my sink?" Those of you that have truly committed know the answer but it could be that this first step is just too hard. So, first on our list of things to change will be no more shining your sink. From now on just skip it, no need to have that moment of accomplishment. It really probably just makes you waste time that you could do something else. I mean really if you watch all of those fancy professional organizers they don't make you shine your sink. Even all those get organized shows don't care if you shine your sink, so we will be revamping the system starting with getting rid of the shiny sink.

I always love being reminded that I'm not the laziest person on earth.  Apparently there are many others who place a low priority on a shiny sink.  Think of the quilt blocks I could make if I were to add up all the time I spent in a year shining my sink and then used that time to sew instead! 

Dull sink people unite!  There is power in numbers!

3 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

Too funny! I can't make myself shine the sink either!

Anonymous said...

And Hello, I won`t be dressing to my shoes either! I`ll be the one in mah PJ`s, murky sink, humming away in the spare room. Quilting.

Mommarock said...

I don't shine my sink every day either.. but I do wash it out after dishes at night.. and then occasionally (because I have a stainless steel sink) I wet it, and pour on some baking soda and rub it down.. when the soda washes down the sink it makes it smell good down there too, and I'm amazed that a little baking soda can make my sink look so nice.